Video not showing on several theory course lessons

Video isn’t there on:

Playing The Minor Pentatonic

Playing The Major Pentatonic

The Blues Scale

I’ve just clicked on link and video is there. Maybe try refreshing your browser?

Thanks for you responses. I left the page open, opened a new page to another site and eventually returned. Still, no video.I worked my way down the list to “Introduction to Minor Scales” and there it was. I worked started clicking backwards up the list and everyone worked. I use Safari which a lot of corporate developers don’t like. Not sure why, but I don’t see guys as those kinds of developers. Very interesting. Thank you for the quick responses.

I’ve just clicked on the link above and it took me to a page offering lifetime access to the lesson for $99.00!!

I use Google Chrome and have never had any issues like this with the website.

Try another browser, probably that will solve the problem.