Wagging dog Head

Hi all Steve ‘Mulch’ here. Hope everyone is doing well. Was just wondering if anyone else when they started found there head tick tocking between each hand and how to get out of the habit. I’m sure if I filmed it I’d look like a nutter.

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Quite normal behaviour. But don’t worry you’ll soon get fixated on one hand for a while and stare at it like its the only thing in the Universe. Then you’ll fixate on the other hand in the same way. Then you start singing and your hands will forget where to go, so you start over. Is it curable ? Yes over time but by then you’ll just be head banging to keep in time. Where do you think the old saying having your head screwed on came from ? :rofl:

On a serious note don’t worry about it. If you are starting you need to check what both hands are doing before fingering chords and hitting the right strings become natural.

Just keep practicing.




I do remember doing this! Trying to watch two hands separated by 2 feet of space at the same time was difficult and comical.

Now, as Toby says, I have graduated to looking primarily at my left fretting hand.

Slowly, I am training myself out of that. My guitar position (and my old abused neck) is such that maintaining that gaze for any length starts to hurt.

It is one of those things that you don’t really think about doing until you try to straighten back out and realize how stiff your neck has become.

Progress is being made, though! We will get there!


You’ll level out, just don’t take it to extremes!


Thanks guys. Always good to know your not alone. Let’s hope the amount of movement my head is making it stays attached.

Happy playing y’all :guitar:

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I see how the head movement has been fully integrated into that guitarist’s style, Richard. But we have a lot of older players here and I no longer can achieve that level of hair…:man_bald:t2:


Yeah I’m more likely to swing the beard as it now looks as though my head is on upside down.

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