Wagon Wheel Cover

Hey guys im on fire today 2 songs in one day lol. Enjoy! Wagon Wheel Cover - YouTube


For sure, you’re on fire Bytron. You look as though you’re enjoying this and that’s a good thing.

Thanks!! Yeah I did!! I just felt like doing songs today. Thanks for the comment!! I think I posted these songs in the wrong category again sorry @DavidP my bad haven’t posted much lately and just forgot!

Well done. That song is the unofficial anthem of the music club I go to. A couple of years back I had the privilege of being on stage at our Xmas party playing it with about 25 other members in the crowd playing along.

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Sweet version of the song, Bytron. Like the new glasses.

No worries on the category thing. Takes me all of 5 seconds, literally to edit that. In fact, have a look at your topic title and I think you’d see a pencil icon there. Click that and you can edit the category yourself.

That was great Byron. :+1:

Thanks guys! Yeah I just got my prescription glasses and im loving them!! :slight_smile:

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Hi Byron, another good cover. You’re on a roll! Loved the picking/strumming. L

Another great one Byron. You are on fire when you’re play with such enjoyment. As @sclay mentioned in your other post you are looking really healthy and the glasses suit you. Whatever you have been doing keep on doing it. If you just feel like doing songs, then do songs as I’ll sure enjoy listening to them.

You’re on a roll today Byron! Another good one. I really liked your pick/strum intro.

Nice job, Byron. I especially liked the picking.

Thanks guys!