Web App ? Musopia

Just seen the new link on the site that takes you to a sign up a justinguitarapp.com. I google signed in and got an email and curiously at the bottom theres a link that says Web App.

So, what is web app
If its musopia for PC, can we link our acconts from other devices, that is IF, its a pc version. ?


This got me intrigued and I was really hoping for a second that a desktop app has released… unfortunately once I logged into the “web app” I realised that it’s nothing but a premium membership/account info section with a link to the mobile app.

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That’s a real shame, I didn’t go any further d on recently purchased an ipad and that app but, I agree a PC version makes a lot of sense. I would have got that too eventually had it been an option lol.



You can already use the app on a PC by using an emulator. Did it for the whole 12 month subscription.

Hi Rachel, (@libitina, and @Petexx) Like @Goffik I used an emulator, BlueStacks (free), on my PC to run the app. No issues.

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Thanks, I think I’ll take a look at that sometime.