Websites needed to learn drum sequencing inside a DAW

I need some good websites to learn about constructing drum patterns in my DAW. I built a 1 bar loop (16 spots) of what I guessed was 4 on the floor built so wrong it’s funny. I was playing around over it with guitar. Had an “ah-ha” moment playing inside the loop playing with time I guess. Whatever I was actually doing, something clicked that triggered one of those rare natural high musical ah-ha moments.

  1. Looking for basic patterns I can program in to hear and see what they sound like in assorted genres and time sigs.

1a) Bonus if you know a good site that shows step by step, how to make a dubstep style drop.

  1. I use FL Studio. (irrelevant, but mentioned because of the names for things I use are based on this DAW) but I am mostly interested in using the channel rack,( the dots) or the piano roll/midi sequencer(?) to start with. (I have a built-in FPC too, but don’t know if all DAWs do.

  2. I’m not a huge fan of no-to-low info sites with someone who says “yo, sick beat”, more then anything else. I find those guys might know a lot, but havent had good luck with those guys.

Good to hear from you, Becky, trust you keeping well.

Can’t help on ‘dubstep style drop’ no idea what that even is.

But maybe this topic will be helpful: Creating a drum track in a DAW