What are you currently listening to?

Ah fair enough, only started my blues journey last year or so.

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That was great. To me it had a little bit of an Albert Collins vibe to it. Though the Collins would be influenced by the King not the other way around.

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A really nice cover of Radiohead’s Creep, one of my favourites!

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I love random play, you just never know what is coming up next.

This is awesome. Reminds me of a song I love from Disney movie ‘Onwards’. When Barley launches Guinevere into the mountain. :metal:

It’s quiet.
Too quiet. . .

Two more from Pat Metheny’s - What’s It All About

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Wow, just wow!
Not my usual thing but you can’t ignore talent like this!

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great cover !

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This isn’t a song I’d really be listening to, but I was thinking about getting a Tommy Emmanuel CD after hearing him play Smells Like Teen Spirit with Mike Dawes so I was listening to him playing a few things on YouTube. I clicked on this one since I played it on piano many years ago. I was completely blown away by the emotion he put into a simple little melody line.

I know there’s a few TE fans in the Community, if anyone has a favorite CD to suggest let me know!

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Something a bit different.
A Welsh folk supergroup.

Finally got round to watching this Gibson interview, with one of my favourite guitarists.
Such a humble person for some one who has had a huge influence on Hard Rock and as he capitulates Heavy Metal since my mid teens and adult life. :sunglasses:


Can’t believe I was just 14 when this album came out, a lot of “stuff” has happened since then but the music still rocks. A week of Sabbath discography is on the cards and 6 decades of joy. :sunglasses:


Watched that a few weeks ago, what a dude.

Lost finger tips, couldnt play full chords easy

Invented heavy metal.


Nice bottle of 9 years old Frontonais Red and some Larkin Poe. The weekend starts here.

But hey aint it nice to see the band teaching you how to play their latest, rather than some iffy UToob jock.

And another couple off of Blood Harmony for good measure :sunglasses:

You know it makes sense. Simples. :sunglasses:


And for good measure, same album, go girls !!

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:metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:they gurlz rocks!!!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

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The Hissing of Summer Lawns has become one of my favourite albums of the past few months, this is another song from it with great lyrics:

And the piano and guitar is this song are wicked: