What are you currently listening to?

Saturday evening viewing sorted, after a long sweltering 30+C afternoon cutting grass and a couple of hours mid morning hot n humid fingerstyle practice. Time to relax. :beers: :sunglasses:

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Nice one @TheMadman_tobyjenner
She’s still so good!
That’s the best live performance The Warning have done so far, amazingly good photography and sound!
Here you go, get a load of Tash!

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Cool, but why is Gilmore playing a travel guitar?




These guys are my most recent obsession/rediscovery. I saw them as one of the opening acts for another band many years ago and they ended up being the highlight of the evening for me! They just released a new album and are touring again. The energy of their live performance is hard to beat. They are the kings of really catchy rock riffs and are very fun to watch. If you love high energy rock that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this hour of entertainment is well worth your time.


Songs that are super clear in my head count as listening to, right? All Ted Poley:

“Good Enough”

“Hero Falling”


(And yeah, I’m listening to them through headphones now, not just in my head. :laughing:)


I enjoy the NPR Tiny Desk Concerts & ran across this group recently… they’re pretty good!!! Amazing vocalist!!!


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I like the dogs in this version. :dog: :dog2: :poodle: :dog:

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Allman Brothers Fillmore East, February 1970. It wasn’t released on CD until 1996 though, so I think that makes it new music …

Lots of great tracks, one of my favorites is Statesboro Blues


One of my favorite band. Thanks for posting Mari. I think I may have driven Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner mad with my ABB references on the old forum

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@stitch nowt wrong with some good old ABB and unlikely to be the cause of my insanity. :rofl: Nice share @Mari63 will give it a spin later. :+1:

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@JasonBuk thanks for sharing that, good message to hear this morning.