What I am learning right now

Hi, thanks for the great welcome. I am just on first stage, learning to play D, A and E. Like E best, a nice rich sound. I was advised to learn from the online beginner course but I think you have to pay for that and I prefer learning from a book anyway and looking up videos for some songs or parts I need more help with. I love that Justin tells us what to practice as I never had a clue, just messed around learning more and more chords and trying to play songs. It’s great to have a songbook too with songs just for my level. I really feel I may get somewhere this time although losing skin on 2nd finger!


Hi Jane,
Ah yes, callus building, something to endure at the beginning but it will get better!!

Are you sure you’re looking at the right page for the beginners course? It’s all available free, here’s the grade 1 link Beginner Guitar Course | JustinGuitar.com

If you’re talking about the app then yes that’s a paid for item but imo well worth it for the songs element alone, let alone some of the practice features.

Continued good luck with your learning and progress!

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Welcome Jane :smiling_face:

Look after those callouses and whatever you do, don’t peel off the loose skin. Best thing to do is to get an emery board or glass file (sometimes called a crystal file) and file it down.

I’d recommend you work your way through the Beginner Course that @Notter has mentioned. You’ll get the structure you need, heaps of good tips and you’ll find yourself playing songs very soon.