What To Do While I Wait for the Rest of Beginner Grade 3?

Hey All,

After I finished Beginner Grade 2 in November 2021, I moved onto the old Beginner Grade 3. After finishing the old Grade 3 “Effective Practice” module, I next chose “Blues Guitar Studies”, as it is the one that appealed to me the most. Soon after I started, Justin removed the old Grade 3 content and started posting lessons/modules for the new & improved Grade 3.

Well, after spending the last 5 months practicing the “Blues Guitar Studies” set pieces and getting confident with them (as well as continuing to consolidate the skills learned in Grades 1 & 2), I’m ready to move on. I can definitely see why Justin moved “Blues Guitar Studies” into Grade 4! It’s a ton of fun to learn, but the set pieces were definitely a big jump up in complexity compared to the Grade 1 & 2 lessons.

After reviewing the lessons in new Grade 3 modules 15, 16 & 17, I can see that I’ll burn through these faster than Justin can put up more content. So, what do you think I should work on when I run out of posted Grade 3 lessons?

I could:

  • Work through the A-Shape Explorer, G-Shape Explorer and E-shape Explorer lessons from the old Grade 3 “Chord Shape Explorer” module? (It’s bookmarked in my web browser)
  • Just keep consolidating while I wait for more Grade 3 lessons/modules? (I might get bored with no new challenge to master!)
  • Move onto a Grade 4 module and come back to Grade 3 when more content is posted?
  • Something else entirely?

I know there’s no “right” answer; I’m just looking for feedback from people who are further along than I as to what might make the most sense.



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I would say “all of the above and more”. That is what I am doing. The end of grade 3 and beginning of grade 4 are largely about finding your interests moving forward.

As I go through grade 2 I’m having the same internal dialogue as you are. At this point I’m thinking of starting grade 4 if I get passed Grade 3 faster than Justin is able to put up new lessons for grade 3.

My reasoning is that justins old beginner course that had 9 steps I think? Covered everything from grade 1 and 2 and then went straight to intermediate modules. From my understanding (please someone correct me if I’m wrong here) grade 3 is being added as a transition module between the advancing beginners and the intermediate course. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

Look at the first lesson in grade 4. It is about finding your pathway. That will help you in this exact situation. I have looked ahead and found a lot of interest and not outside my capabilities in grade 4. Just start working on the E shaped barre cords. That will keep you busy for a while.

How many songs do you know?

I’m in the midst of grade 3 after falling down a Hey Joe rabbit hole (which I’ll write about in my learning log), and just purchased the Beginner Song Book with the goal of working through it. I don’t know as many songs as I’d like to, figured the song book would be a good guide to follow.

There’s also the theory and strumming courses and the blues lead course, any of those would be great options too.

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I’m three lessons from finishing Grade 2 and I’ve wondered when Grade 3 will be complete as well. But I know I’ll take time for a long consolidation period to work on all the Grade 1 and 2 lessons and techniques. I will probably complete the Ear Training and Music Theory courses during that time as well. There are also plenty of Skills courses to go through and other teachers/instructors to check out for different approaches or specific lessons.

And yeah, songs. Plenty of those to learn too. It’ll be nice to work on specific songs, chords, techniques, etc. without the influx of new lessons in the mix.

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I’ve also been waiting for Grade3 since November. It actually meant I stopped playing for a bit because I got a little bored revisiting the same stuff.

Really hoping this grade fills out soon!

I’m in a similar position. Have been learning Major Scale pattern 1 and trying singing while playing which will take forever judging by my first attempts.