What's the connection between

…what’s in this lesson https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/12-bar-blues-progressions-bg-1303 and this lesson https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/12-bar-shuffle-riff-bg-1306 ?

Are the separate things or do they go (can they be payed) together?

1st is the general layout of the 1/4/5 chord 12 bar blues - usually but not always played with 7th chords

So this (where I = A, IV = D, V = E in the key of A)

The second is a 12 bar blues in A but instea of A7/D7 etc its using other ‘chords’ (well 2 notes).

But its also adding a shuffle variation of them on each bar.

So bar 1 is still A but its an A5 and an A6, later it changes to a D5/D6, then E5/E6

Same 12 bar A/D/E structure

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They can be played together. The key thing is knowing whether you will be playing a standard, quick change or slow change 12 bar blues. If you have a looper record one on the looper and play over the loop with the other or alternatively loop Justin playing the 12 bar blues progression and jam along with Justin using the shuffle riff.

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Thanks. I understand & can play both but JG’s lessons don’t join then together.

But you can play both with the shuffle rhythm which JG shows in the lessons.

I can play standard, quick change or slow change 12 bar blues in the key of A. The others are more challenging die to the chords C7, B7 and G7!

I don’t have a looper but could do the alternative.

You can, but the second also has a shuffle chord change involved , or more like a bass line tbh

Do you have an example of where the two are played together to see how they fit? At the moment they just seem to be two separate things.


Hi Stuart, In this recording I’m playing both. With the shuffle riff I’m just using the variations taught in the classic course but it should give you a decent idea of how the two fit together.

True but with two takes overlaid to make one track. My question was can both be used by one guitar in the same tune?

Also noted that you are not doing the shuffle rhythm with the 12BB, as Justin plays it. Does that mean you can use any strumming pattern with the 12BB?


If you’re asking can you do a solo guitar arrangement that plays both the riff and chords. Yes, for example you could play the 12BB riff and play full chords on bars 9, 10 & 12. In terms of strumming patterns you get various strumming patterns employing the swing feel and also straight feel (for straight blues).

Thanks. So something like: