When to start music theory - I'm currently in Module 8

Hi, I’m a new learner-up to module 8 and I’m enjoying the learning immensely .My question is-when would you suggest I start the music theory course? Is there a risk of overload?

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Hi Peter. Glad you’re enjoying the lessons.
The theory course? Right here. Right now :smiley:
There’s no risk of overload (unless you decide to become obsessed!)
It’s not necessary, but is useful and even more important interesting :open_mouth:
The guitar course teaches you how to play the guitar. The theory course gives the explanations why the notes and chords fit the way they do.
Try the first few modules for free to see if you like it. Then decide :smiley:

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Thanks.I will look at the free modules as you suggest.:ok_hand:

Hi, Just taken the level two theory exam and the formatting (android phone)is really messy-text superimposed and a few options have no dot.

I’ve only ever used my pc for learning. I struggle doing anything effectively on my phone. That might be something to bear in mind before you shell out for a subscription though :wink:

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Can you please add your phone spec and, if possible, a screenshot.
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Hi Peter, @Peterctid
When I read things like this, the solution is often: Is your preference setting on telephone setting instead of desktop?
I hope this helps