When you have the house to yourself

Luckily for my hearing, it doesn’t happen very often, but when I do …


… when you do, you move amp and guitar to a different place… just for fun? :thinking:

Seriously though: What did you play resp. what will you play? :smiley:

Sweet :grin: I remember looking forward to having the house to myself :grinning:
Luckily for me I only have to mind the neighbours these days (they haven’t complained or moved yet )
That’s a beautiful guitar btw! :heart_eyes:

Oh am I the only one who does this?



Wow, that looks like it can be pretty loud. I don’t know that amp so did a quick search. looks like they come in 25w or 50w. Which one is that?
Don’t suppose it really matters. I suspect 25w is enough to cause hearing loss.

I guess myself, I must be getting old.
I get the house to myself often. I find it almost unbelievable that I don’t crank it up, but I don’t. Granted I only got 15w stuff. But even at 15w, it’s just to loud for me. Can’t believe I’m even saying that. When I was 25 or 30. I surely would have turned it up often.
I’ve had my 15w for several years now and I can think of only one time I turned the vol. to max. It was pretty loud and gnarly sounding (supro) for sure. :slight_smile: While I am old(er), I still had to at least see what it’d do. Very fun!

Ya sure got some real serious R&R gear there for sure.
Enjoy your alone time Paul. :wink:

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Bit of clapton, bit of blues improv, lots of muting practice!

Thanks, I played a lot to find this one!

Errr, yes.

This is the 25w and it’s insanely loud. I cranked the master and gain to about 2 o’clock, which was all I could handle really…




@roger_holland - is that @brianlarsen ??!! :rofl:


Yes Yes And I said “not too close to the camera” …
He has told you that he is going back to his old birthground for a couple of day`s… but how do you really think he has such tight and soft skin in lingerie? This is due to the Dutch clay :blush:
Sleep well :laughing:


I’m not sure I can sleep ever again with that mental image Rogier!!

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Doesn’t Brian do that from time to time whilst recording an AVoYP?

You have seen his performance of the rocky horror picture show? I’m pretty sure he managed to make @roger_holland blush :smiling_face: such an amazing character and entertainer.


Yep, and couldn’t agree more!!

Last nights perfect example, 2.5 hr Remember That Night concert on the the big screen of David Gilmore at the Royal Albert Hall in 2006 with Crosby, Nash and David Bowie :+1::grinning: oh the joy……. And the Soundbar jumping off the wall :+1: lucky there’s no neighbours on that side​:+1::roll_eyes:

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Errr…Brian doesn’t actually let me explain (analyze) jokes…but


Well I’ve only managed to get one day so far but this combo kick a55!
It’s an old amp but in good condition apart from the obvious, but boy does it rock if you crank it!
Well the guitar is new(ish), suffice it to say it’s nice to have a ST style guitar again!

Love that amp, that’s got some serious mojo going on.

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Do to health problems my missus has been pretty much house bound for four years now. On the rare occasion the house has been empty when family are over (discounting teenage grandson plugged into an Xbox upstairs) the patio doors are opened and the Mustang III dusted down and cranked up.

And some good old solid rock gets belted out. Nearest neighbours are 600m in 2 directions and 1.3km in the third (we’re surrounded by fields). Never had a complaint.

Next time it happens, the POD Go will get hooked up and pushed through those 100Ws :wink:


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That’s an interesting read for me about volume. I do have an amp, but use it very rarely. To be honest, one of the reasons, I play mainly fingerstyle is that I can’t stand the ‘noise’ when using a pick :speak_no_evil::sweat_smile:.
So, there is definitely no danger of getting problems with my neighbours :innocent:.


It was advertised as being an ex Tony Iommi amp but as soon as I saw it I knew it wasn’t, it’s one of the early ones that had a master volume, so knowing that Tony didn’t have an amp with master volume I made it plain that I knew. So negotiation took place and I paid what it was worth in poor condition, I also told him that he hadn’t had any bites before me because they knew Tony didn’t use a Master volume amp in those times.
When I got it home I had a good inspection to see how good (or bad) it was, lucky for me despite the way it looks apart from needing a good clean up and vacuum out it was pretty decent. The cab was good, nothing other than it’s speakers had been replaced with Celestion green backs (oh joy!) and in the Amp was all Sovtec valves and a fairly new valve rectifier! Also at some stage an attenuator has been fitted to give about 6/7 watts, even at that setting it’s loud simply by virtue of the 4x10 Cab! On 50W any more than 1-2 will make your ears bleed :laughing:

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