Where can I find the backing tracks in the various lessons?

Are the backing tracks used in the various lessons available somewhere?

Hi @chuckybeans . I think what you are looking for is Justin’s Song app,which you have to pay for, but you can get a free week trial.

Hi Chuck

Which specific backing tracks are you referring to, there are many ? Some may be available to down load, some may just a track that Justin uses to demonstrate a technique or set of skills, some may relate to song specific lessons.

With hundreds of lessons available, can you try and narrow it down folk can give a more targeted response.



Thank you both for the responses.
Toby, to clarify: I assumed there must be some general place where the backing tracks are catalogued because occasionally Justin says something like “so use the backing tracks available over on the website…”

In some cases there is a track under “resources” and in other cases there is nothing. I understand now that Justin sometimes spontaneously records a track and that is not available for stream/download.

I’ll check out the app…


It can be very lesson specific but there some BT packages to download like Blues jamtracks. It depends what you are after but no central repository as such, sorry. This may help.




There are lots of BT on Justinguitar soundcloud account
Won’t let me link just the account so click on the justinguitar link beside the play button
to go to the home page of the account