Where do I post a question about barre chords?

Not sure where to post and would rather check first rather than have it moved later and not be able to find it.

Any particular CAGED shape barre, does it relate to a specific lesson, ideally it should tie in with that but there are many ? :sunglasses:

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Without more specific context, Graham, my generic answer would be to post it on the related lesson topic. On the lesson on the website, you can post your question under the Discussion tab.

If no specific lesson, then I suggest just post it as you did this question.

I did see that Stitch already answered your other question about finding your posts, so in future you’ll always be able to find your own posts.

That said, should a Moderator decide your post would be best moved then we’d let you know, either via a Direct Message or with a explanatory note with an @mention.

Hope that helps.

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Graham, I thought of you this morning.

The YouTube ‘next video’ list can be a devilish temptation but sometimes delivers just what is needed. This morning after watching one of Justin’s videos I spotted his Fail-Proof Guide To Easy Barre Chords. If you’ve not watched this one, maybe it will be helpful, given your query about posting a question about barre chords.

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