Which acoustic string gauge do you prefer?

12s on my Lowden acoustic, 12s on my Electric, 13s on my Faith acoustic. After years of experimentation. It’s going to be different for everyone, just gotta use what works for you!

I had 10s on my Faith when my daughter started learning just to be super easy/low tension for her, but after a year we moved back up to 11s, because they just didn’t get the top resonating enough and sounded naff. She has no probs with 11s now.

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I have recently switched to 12/54 light string and It is ok for me
Yes it is not as loud as normal string but I do not care because mostly I am playing at home for me
and If Iam going to upload some thing to youtube any way I have my audio editors to add EQ etc so no need to have high tension or even normal tension

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I started out with 12 ga. phosphor bronze and stayed with them for the 1st few years until developing a fret thumb issue so went to 10 ga. for the last few months but don’t really like the lighter tone .
I do like the ease of playing them, less pressure required maybe and my thumb has pretty much healed now too but the 10s seem to require tuning almost daily as well.
I’ve got some 11 ga. strings coming tomorrow and hoping they will provide a happy medium.
10s just sounded kinda tinny after being accustomed to 12s. More volume please !

10s for me.

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I’m old (74) and my hands are a little arthritic. 10s.

I got 11’s on my acoustic, 10’s on the electrics.

I don’t know what my acoustic came with from the oem as I got it used. The PO had it done up with 11’s. To me, a notable difference between 10’s on the elec. and 11’s on the acoustic.
The 11’s sound just dandy to me, so I leave it there.
All I can say is, I sure can’t bend 11’s as easy and I can bend 10’s.
Projection is fine on my acoustic also. Plenty loud enough for me with the 11’s. To me, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

I know this thread is about acoustic guitars but this is great if you’ve not seen it before …

Lights on an electric have less downside. Still easier to snap etc and you have to be careful using too much pressure but no worries.

Acoustic I think still needs some chunkier strings if you are relying on the acoustic amplification rather than electric

I generally agree Rob (FWIW I use 12s on the acoustic and 10s on the electric), this clip was just for fun :slight_smile:

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Still deciding on strings for the tele build, 10s or 9s I think

9s seem very popular these days, I have tried them but can’t get used to them - I’m an old fart, stuck in my old ways :slight_smile:

Yeah I’ve played with 9s before but my current electrics have 10s on.

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One thing though, you can very grateful that it is quite cheap to experiment with different strings and gauges. I can get a 3-pack here for A$65.

I learned violin for many years and a decent set of violins strings cost over A$100. The best ones can be around A$180. Cello strings are even worse… you are looking at A$300-400.

And you only get 4 strings, not 6!

I sincerely hope folk are not putting 9s on acoustics ! :scream:

12-53s on all three acoustics, though I’d put 13-56 on the Fender a while back but found them a little too heavy. On the lecky side and obviously a distraction for the OP, the 3 Gibson’s wear 10s, the Strat’s wear 9s and the Washburn HBs are strung with 9.5s, which was an interesting and successful experiment.

I have a set of Newtone Heritage low tension 13s waiting in the gallery. They have a tension lower than most standard 12s, 158 lbs I think.
I like thicker tone and feel, but pretty sure standard 13s would be very difficult for me.

Yep, sorry didn’t mean to hijack the thread, but the Billy G clip is just so good.

As above my current acoustic has 12s but I have had 11s on acoustic before and it did play easier - not sure I really noticed much difference in tone. On that one the action was a little high before the swap, but something to think about … if you really like your set up, then changing string gauge will affect it. Might be a simple truss rod tweak, but on an acoustic it might be a bit more work.

I haven’t, but I wouldn’t hesitate to try them. I guess it depends on your playing environment, but I find 10s on my dreadnought are less boomy than thicker strings when playing in the home.

The problem was ant the strings, it’s a dreadnaught for playing just at home. My recommendation is to buy another guitar. OM or smaller. I love 00 size myself.

Custom lights are right for my guitar. But that’s how I think the string is for the guitar not me. The sound you get from the string on a guitar .

I tend to use Custom Lights or Lights.