Which Fender Strat Series?

I think I’ve found a good one…!

Hadn’t considered the Custom Shop but its a good thought. I’m probably going to go for a Player Plus HSS which should give me everything I can handle for the foreseeable.

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For some reason Fender haven’t really had the same success selling stupid high end replicas that Gibson has. I do get the Masterbuilt thing, but this is just collector stuff surely.

Yeah they have their specials and custom builds but they dont seem to rock the $40-50k collectors repro editions/ murphy lab stuff so much.

£18k tbh unless you are a mad dead head you’d be looking at an early 70s real one?

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I don’t have any number to back this up but I suspect that Fender’s custom shop outsells Gibson’s by a substantial margin and that they don’t need to have the “I could have bought a new car” prices to see the same sort of profits, they just make it up in volume.

Fender did have the Game of Thrones guitars, which were stupidly expensive, $25-$35,000 each. But they only built three of those.

That’s very hard to get reliable data on.

Globally fender has more market share but not sure if that includes squire / epiphone etc.

In USA Gibson outsell fender

But every Gibson is made in USA where many fenders are mim/mij etc

As for custom ones… Even worse…

Gibson custom shop is a separate entity to Gibson USA and Murphy lab is its own thing, no idea how numbers would compare to fender though

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Really? I thought Fender were bigger.

Guitar Sales Statistics (US National Survey 2024).

Globally yes, USA It seems not

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Wow, I never would have thought… especially given Gibsons are more expensive. Maybe the price difference is less in the US of A.

That information seems dubious. It’s tough for me to believe that Martin and Taylor are not even included in the “other” section of this list but Ovation is??

Eh I’m sure namm are not lying? They’ll be included in other

Strange that the figures adds up to only 96%, but I guess they just didn’t want to list dozens of brands under “other”.

I assume the percentages reflect the revenues of these companies. It would be interesting to see actually how many instruments they had to sell to achieve these results.

Market share isn’t ever done by revenue is it?

I work in market share data in an unrelated industry all of the time. Usually data is reported in both units and dollars. While units might be a good measure of popularity of a brand, dollars give you a better idea of how much people value the brand. As my boss says - you don’t get paid in units.

The reason that I am suspect of the stats in the article is that all market share data comes with footnotes (ie: which major retailers did or did not respond, what was the actual question asked in the survey, etc). These things may be addressed in the original NAMM report, but they are not included in the linked article. Since the reported stats are so out of line with my expectations (ie: Martin and Taylor not making it into the top 10) I have to think there are some limitations to NAMMs survey and that the author is not taking them into consideration in his reporting.

It’s possible that my experience is totally out of line with actual market share in the US, but I would need more ability to assess the data before I abandon my own observations.

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Hmm Gibson make a lot more revenue but again is it Gibson or Gibson, epiphone, kramer etc etc…

I don’t think we’ll find much better data

Epiphone is on the list so my guess would be just Gibson.

Was taking about the reported revenue rather than the namm report

That’s interesting, I recently got a new Strat type HSS based on reviews and personal experiences, as has already been pointed out G&L make some very fine Strat type guitars that are often thought to be better than the Fender alternatives. Mine isn’t one of those but it’s an amazingly good instrument that I can say through experience is easily as good as a Fender Player series!
Take a look and see:

Just came here to say that I, too, was inspired to get a strat because of Wayne’s World.


WAY! lol