While My Guitar Gently Weeps Cover

Hey guys!! Heres another song that i really like! Enjoy! :slight_smile: While My Guitar Gently Weeps Cover - YouTube


Two songs in one day! What a treat, Byron! This is a song I’ve worked on for a long time and still not hugely confident with it. I think you’ve added your own stamp on it in a good way. Thanks.

Very nice, Bytron! Love the individual strings while strumming.

That’s super. It’s one that’s on my list to learn.

Haha yeah!!! I’ve just been in a guitar playing mood here lately. Glad you liked it!! :slight_smile:

Perhaps the vocal on this one needs a little more practice, Bytron? Mix of strumming and picking sounded great.

Not trying to be cruel but you really need to stop reading the words. Your timing is way
off from your playing. You need to listen to and sing to the original.
Even if your trying to make the song your own the playing and singing need to be in sinc
Don’t this personally but if your goal is to play live for money this is the number 1 thing
you need to work on

You get such beautiful tones out of your guitar Bytron and you play so well. Well done.

Hey guys! I figured i would redo this one because a couple of you said my timing and vocals were off. It could be because i was trying to play quiet so I wouldnt wake my bro up, but heres a slightly different version, hopefully its better! :smiley: ENjoy! While My Guitar Gently Weeps Take 2 - YouTube


Hey B-tron,
Nice stuff… I liked the guitar work, even more so the little lead in on the intro area. A close second is the vox, that could maybe use a bit of touching up?

Nice job throughout and over all!

Hey, are you getting out, enjoying others posts and commenting on them? I don’t see much of that from you, while in the past you did. Hope all is rocking there and ok…