Wicked Game Loop Cover

Sup guys so this is my fav song probably of all time!!! I still need to work on it some but i think its my best one yet!!! :slight_smile: Enjoy! Wicked Game Loop Cover - YouTube


@DarrellW Check it out man! :slight_smile:

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Share your thought on that Byron! One of the best songs of all times.

You nailed it :fire::fire::fire:

I have a go at this from time to time, but dont get it to work…


Good job, Bytron

Nice one Byron, you made a pretty good job if it!

Super guitar work there Byron. Really good. I enjoyed your version of this terrific song.

Thanks guys!!! :smiley: Best song eva!

I honestly think its way more easy to play and do with the looper! Song isnt easy for sure!

Great Job Byron! I also love that song.

Excellent job, Bytron! Your mix was top notch and the vocals were pretty darned good. Chris Isaacs is not the easiest vocalist to emulate and I thought you handled it well. One of my fav songs also.

Nice job, it seems like you are having lots of fun with the looper and using it really effectively.

Really nice cover of this song, Byron, guitar sounds great and looper works really well on it!

Thanks you guys!! Glad yall like my rendition!! :slight_smile:

I sure am!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks man! Theres a couple of bumps where my voice goes hoarse, its from smoking cigs i guess i need to try to quit again :confused:

Do yourself a huge favor and walk away from the cigs. Not easy, I know. I quit more than thirty years ago. One of the best moves I ever made.

How long did you smoke for? Just curious

close to 20 years. Tried many methods to quit. The only one that worked was going cold turkey - after about six weeks a single puff would make me feel nauseous. Going out to a bar and not smoking was the toughest part.

Nice man!!! I smoke about a pack a day… How much did you? Ive been smoking for about 12 years now it is time for me to quit again lol. I quit for like a month and then picked them back up like a idiot :confused:

At my peak I was a 2 pack a day smoker. Now, I can’t believe how stupid I was. Or better, how smart I was to walk away and leave the cigs behind.