Wild Thing - #1 Grade 2 Graduation

@NicoleKKB @Eddie_09 thank you! :heart:

Such a good job on this , Alessandro! Great progress throughout your journey from Beginning Grade 1 and on to Grade 3. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Also, I would love to know where to find your cool backing track, or similar ones such as this. Thanks! Take care and never give up!

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Hi Alessandro,

Great job - super tight playing.
Had groove and the right amount of aggression.
You were well in the zone.

Classic tune.


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@pkboo3 thank you! I sent you the backing track!

@Digger72 Thank you very much Digger for your attention in noticing that!

Awesome playing Alessandro. You nailed that one. Changes and dynamics were great and even more important, you looked the part. A true rocker.

Grade 3 here you come.

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Wow, thank you very much for your words, Stefan. I truly appreciate them.

That was great Alessandro, sounds like you are making good progress. What was the backing track ? I might be alone here but those vocals sounded way to much like our good friend @crocodile1 but I am sure it wasn’t Leo. Well done sir !

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Thank you very much toby, i will send you the backing track.

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