Wish You Were Here Cover

Hello again figured i would do 2 songs this morning as i cant sleep lol. I do this a lil different and in my own way, hope you guys like it! :smiley: Wish You Were Here Cover - YouTube


Very nice! But you do look a bit tired! Hope you can catch up on the sleep later.

Good use of awake time, though and a smooth rendition. Thanks!

Wonderful playing Byron. You nailed that one.

You are quite prolific with you tunes and I was wondering if you have a top 5 campfire list that you do?

No I don’t but songs I know by heart that I could do at a campfire would be radioactive gold on the ceiling hero blue on black and maybe alright now

Ah Mr B, we always know what to expect when you perform. You are incredibly consistent and a really good rhythm guitarist. :slight_smile:

To me, this is a great song about being detached and not seeing things clearly. I view it as a cautionary tale of sorts. Stay passionate about life, see things clearly (yes, that again), connect with others, feel things and show some emotion.

Wow thanks CT for the encouragement! I look at this song as to just missing someone you love, hence wish you were here!!! Great song!!! But i get what your saying to guess it can go both ways!

You go with that, no worries. Play on playa!

Cool cover Bytron, keep on playing.

Love your productivity Bytron. You seem to be able to learn songs really quickly, although I’d be surprised if you hadn’t had a go at this before- It seems like a right of passage for every guitar player :laughing:
I enjoyed your guitar playing- riffs & strumming solid and working well.
The alternative vocal melody didn’t really work for me. I’m afraid I’ve probably listened to it too much since '75 :roll_eyes:
@CT I believe this is the first time I’ve ever come across someone mentioning what the song means to them (apart from enjoyment). FWIW it’s always been a song about the sadness of ‘settling for less’ in my head- giving up on ideals for small rewards and ending up in the little fish bowl etc.
One strength of a good song: lots of different meanings to different people in different scenarios :smiley:

Since this is being hijacked into an interpretive thread on the meaning of “Wish You Were Here”, I will add my take. Hope that is ok. Byron.

I see it as a melancholy lament on a lost love that made life choices taking them away from the singer based on a different world view and ideology. They are missed and there is a little resentment. Maybe I am too literal.

Interesting discussion. This is one of my all time favourite songs, for both the music and the lyrics. I remember as an 8 or 9 year old in the 70’s, my older brother bringing the album home. At that time I was more interested in the burning man on the cover.
For me song has always been a lament on the lost soul of humanity, and a mass hypnosis as to our true nature. In a confusing, contradictory, and often crushing world, people, despite their best efforts and intentions, are wandering around in their lives, essentially lost and alone, with only superficial connections to each other. People are not REALLY here, because they don’t know who they REALLY are behind their many masks.
The 2 lost souls in the fishbowl I think are the lyricist and the rest of humanity
I think Roger/David’s lyrics reflect a deep spiritual sadness, and a longing for a world where all those masks would dissolve, and we would all wake up from the dream to find out who we really are.

And heavily influenced by the loss of Syd Barrett from the band.

Thanks guys!! I’m happy to hear your thoughts on what the song means to you guys!! To me it’s just about wishing your loved one was here in a crazy world lol