Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd

Lots of people have posted this one before. So I thought I’d give it a go.

Had a few slip ups here and there but tried to get through it rather than stop and rerecord.


Hey welcome back, Joe, feels like a while. Hope you’ve been keeping well.

Sounded good to me. Interesting listening to the intro solo without the intro riff. Would be great if you either had a looper and recorded the intro riff on a loop to play over or played it through twice and over-dubbed the solo (with or without an inset video).

I haven’t gone back to listen to some of your previous recordings, but I have a sense this recording was a little brighter, not as warm as previous. Of course could be a totally fake recollection.

Good to hear you play and sing again.

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Nicely done, Joe. I really like the fade out outro.

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Joe, I really enjoyed that performance. You make it look so easy. As @DavidP suggests I’d love to see you working with a looper. That would be pure magic.

P.S. what type of guitar is that behind you? I think I’ve only seen you play your lovely J45.

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Hey Joe that was a great one and seems like your guitar haven’t lost the tuning after all :grin: sounded good to me however as others mentioned would like it better with the looper :slight_smile: all the best.

I love this just as it is Joe. I want to hear the purity of your guitar tones in their fullness, unobstructed and uncluttered by the loopy loopy stuff. You play with an eloquent dynamic and sing with a voice that makes it all very complete and satisfying for me.

Yeah, the solo is tricky to play without the intro riff. I don’t have a looper at the moment.

I don’t have any sort of amp that I would play it through. Thought about getting one many times the last few weeks though.

Yeah, I don’t have a looper or any kind of amp at the moment. Thinking of getting one though.

It’s a Martin DCPA4 Dreadnaught Centennial. I’m my learning log I just posted a video of me playing it. Love the J45 and probably play it the most these days. They don’t call it the workhorse for nothing!

That was a tidy bit of playing and singing there Joe. Wonderful.