Within Temptation - Ice Queen [Acoustic]

So, before I delve into power chords, I wanted to record one last acoustic song, and decided to go with a simplified Within Temptation’s “Ice Queen” (which is about winter). Decided to use different strumming patterns for verses, bridge and choruses. Verses have D-DUDU, bridges strumming are following my voice lines (in other words, the strumming follows syllables), so it varies (but it usually is DDD-DD), and choruses uses D-DUDU-DU (or D-UDU-D when needed) strumming pattern.

Chords used: Am F Dm C G

Soundcloud link: https://on.soundcloud.com/iJvp


Nice job Aurimas. I don’t know the song but enjoyed your version. Keep it up!:+1:

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Hi Aurimas, I don’t k ow the song but you’ve come up with a good, strong rhythm, I think. Guitar tone nice on the recording too.

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Hi Aurimas,

I do like some Within Temptation - though The Heart of Everything album in particular.

Nice stripped own version. Good strumming workout.


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Your guitar playing is noticeably improving. Well done.

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I agree with JK, your improvements are great.

Enjoy the power chords Aurimas.

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Well done, Aurimas, sounded good and shows steady progress.