Wonderful Tonight

Hey Everyone…
I recorded this song a while ago but as individual tracks (rhythm, vocals and licks) so wanted to try and get the rhythm and vocals combined which is what this video is. I’m taking Rod’s approach of if it’s “good enough, send it” as there’s a few sloppy D chords in there that came out after hitting the record button but overall I’ll take it right now and there’s other songs to work on. I’m going to revisit at some point though for sure.

Capo on first fret to get the song more in my range which I feel like has helped and I was trying to concentrate more on vocals in this so hopefully it comes across a bit more confident.

As an aside, I tried doing this standing up as Lieven suggested on my last AVOYP and it’s coming along slowly but I’m beginning to get a feel for it.

Anyway, hope you enjoy! - Mark.


It’s coming along well, thanks for sharing.

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I’m glad you’re getting the feel for playing standing up Mark. I think you’ll find a great deal of benefit in it. I have an idea it will liberate you in so many ways.

As I watch you, there is so much tension in your body, your face, your jaw. You’re hunching over the guitar too. Standing up will remedy a great deal of this. It’s also easier to use a mic standing.

You know I love your voice. I want to hear the best of it. Get closer to your mic, explore the possibilities of your breath. You may also want to experiment with the position of the neck of your guitar.


Thanks Maggie, you’re absolutely right on the seated posture, it seems a bad habit I have got into that needs work anyway.
The practice I’ve been doing standing has been noticeable in terms of feeling a bit looser, controlling the guitar neck feels very odd at this point and in some ways it seems my fretting hand is a little bit lost. But for the few song run throughs where it worked it felt pretty good.
Thank you for your words of encouragement and taking the time! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also should have asked do you have strap locks on your guitar? An absolute must. @TheMadman_tobyjenner may jump in here with a graphic illustration.

Oh yeah I hear you on the fretting hand feeling lost. You’ll find that as you learn new songs standing up it will feel more natural. You won’t have the muscle memory of playing sitting down to change.

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Strap locks present and correct Maggie!

Close? Puleeeeeze, yes I enjoyed it very much Mark.

I cheated when I started Justin Guitar on December 25th last year I can’t remember where I heard it or read it but it was if you only practice and play sitting, playing standing will be different and take some getting used to. So I have ever only practiced and played standing. In fact, I have tried sitting and I can’t do it!:grin:. Standing is the way to go but I don’t know any other way.

Mark and PRS rocks!….Rod

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Very nice Mark, great vocals, steady changes and rhythm.

Some great advice there from Maggie as well.

So, standing is the new sitting huh? I think I’m going to have to give this a go. :smiley:

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Hi Mark,
another good one… :sunglasses:
And for the rest I have nothing to add to what Maggie has told you… Oooo if you develop further :microphone: :guitar: :dizzy: :star_struck:

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Ditto on what Maggie said…

Nice voice there… you should really give it some attention and feature it IMHO.

On your mix it sounds like you are panning 100% left and right. If so, try bringing them closer to center as they will mesh better I think.

Great job and keep on with the vibe you have going!


Good job Mark, well done. I enjoyed your version of this classic.
So standing up is the new sitting down! I’ve never tried standing up and playing, I must give it a go. I’ll have to buy a strap first though. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@LBro thanks for the comments!
Curious on your point on panning, I’m using Logitech Capture as my recording software at the moment and a Scarlett 2i2 as the audio interface, are you saying you’re hearing all guitar on left and all vocals on right (or vice versa)? Not sure if I can change the mix in that software but I’ll look. Thanks for pointing that out!

Need to channel my air guitar hero @Rod58 :rofl:

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Great performance Mark, sung and played that well! Your best video yet I reckon.

I have a really similar setup to you. Yes, if you record the audio using LogiCapture it records input 1 from your 2i2 as left and input 2 as right. The easy way to fix this is to open up the Windows sound control panel, go to microphones, and change the properties of the Scarlett 2i2 microphone to single channel, 24 bit. That will mix them and you can keep recording the same way. HOWEVER if you use a DAW you will need to change it back!

The other way to get upgraded audio is to use a DAW, the 2i2 comes with ableton. Then you can add guitar tone, reverb, etc. Downside is you have to edit, and then use a 3rd program to mix the video and audio together, so it’s a bit more work.


Nothing left for me to say but bravo Mark, well played and sung. You are doing well, making great progress. Keep doing what you’re doing.


Nice one Mark. Not fond of the song, but your singing and playing are solid.
It’s great to see folks like you get more comfortable with recording and sharing your progress.
One thought: If you are using the capo to get in a more comfortable range, it’s probably worth trying 3 or 5 frets up than just a semitone.

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Thanks @jkahn for that on windows sounds control. I tend to use Audacity at the moment still as my DAW, I have downloaded Ableton but not used it much yet, luckily I can run my Yamaha THR into the Scarlett so alot of effects I can put through that on the direct input (I tried some hall echo on this track for example). I would like to be able to record on that and mix into video however so will need to look at that.
Appreciate the input!

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Cheers @brianlarsen yeah just starting to mess with the capo placement but good shout :+1:

Well Mark, that was wonderful today :smiley:

I can hear your confidence growing with each AVOYP. Great chord changes, rhythm and vocals. Keep doing what you are doing as you are doing it well.

You have received some great advice. I can appreciate where you are coming from regarding standing up while playing. I tried it the other week and man does it feel strange. With regards to hunching over the guitar when sitting do you find you are doing this to sing into the microphone or doing it in general?

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@Socio - Thanks James, really appreciate the comments. I think I tend to hunch over in general to be honest with you, not just when singing into the microphone. Although my mic’s on a boom arm and what you can see in the videos is it as close to me as the arm allows with where it’s positioned now so it doesn’t help matters. When stood up it can position much better, but finding a better positioning for it for how my room / desk is set up could also help.

I was thinking that along with playing more whilst stood up I spend a 10 minute section of practice going back to Campfire or Campfire Plus songs where I can play them more automatically and just focus purely on sitting more upright. It’s good to have it pointed out, it’s these things you can only really understand from sharing and getting feedback.

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