Would be great with editable PDFs

I don’t have any printer, so obviously I can’t print for instance this one: https://jtgt-static.b-cdn.net/system/dragonfly/production/2018/07/20/25rw86glgf_MT_405_Notes_In_Chords_Q.pdf

I think it would be great if the PDFs had editable text boxes, so that I could download the PDF and directly write the answers in my computer. In the example that I linked to there should be one text box under each string. Now I have to manually paste such text boxes, using my PDF viewer, into the PDF, and then write the answer.

I’m doing fine, but maybe this can be considered when the web page is reworked, and when new PDFs are added.

Justin, thanks for a great course! I’ve played guitar for thirty years, but I’ve never learnt it in a structured way. I love starting to understand music theory, at the age of 52 :wink:

Sounds like a good idea to me.