Wrist & forearm pain

Thanks for linking to the videos! Looks to me, though, as if his wrist is really straight only when he plays open chords. And then his thumb is way above/around the neck. When he plays barré chords, his wrist is still a bit bent (and I would really like to see where his thumb is then). So isn‘t this what I mentioned before already? Though I have to admit that my wrist is probably much more bent than his, and I’m not even playing barré chords :rofl:

And regarding strengthening the thumb: my thumb usually sits quite loosely on the neck, sometimes it even lifts off, or only the tip of the thumb touches the neck. Not sure how this would strengthen the thumb. So perhaps this is also part of my problem!? :see_no_evil:

Pain is a warning that something is wrong with your technique. I gave myself tennis elbow for a year because of over practicing barre chords. For me, the treatment was Trigger Point Therapy.

Lots of other treatment tips in that topic.

if you have a tendinitis, go and see a doctor, and slow down until fixed.