Yesterday - Chord Melody based on Justin's arrangement (JK)

I’m going through the new beginner course and have been learning this one too. I found it very hard. You did a great job! :smiley:

Some of these new beginner lessons are hard, in a good way. It makes it worth revisiting them in the future with improved skills.

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Thank you @Jenndye429 @Sweed and @kamkor for checking it out and the feedback.


Lovely, lovely, lovely. That is coming along nicely JK. It doesn’t look like an easy one at all but you’ve done a great job with it. New guitar? :smiley: It sounded fantastic.

I’m looking forward to you playing and singing this one some time down the line.

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Thank you Stefan. This is my “old” Maton - well, a year and almost-a-half old. Still great :-).

Thanks for your kind words.

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