YOU GUYS. I'm getting a Taylor GS Mini!

Congrats Stacy! @artax_2. Your gonna have a lot of fun with that.
It’s a beautiful guitar. The carbon sunburst looks great.

I’ll be looking forward to hearing it here on the forum I hope.

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Congratulations! I have many friends with the GS Mini and they all love it. Hope you bond with it very well.

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Congrats on the new guitar, enjoy it Stacy.

Note, as per Keith’s suggestion I moved all the replies about humidification (is that a word?) to this topic: Humidifying Guitars and Not Knowing Why

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Yes it is. :grin:

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That is GREAT looking guitar. I have a 714 CE but that picture is tempting me to add a GS. I am getting weak. Sh*t.

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I have a GS Mini that I got as part of a program they run every year (about this time?). If you buy a Taylor 300 series and up, you can pick a mini or a baby for $99. I might be fuzzy on the details.
So if you’re also looking for a full size guitar, you might be able to pick up a mini for cheap with it.
Might not fit your situation.
I take my Mini on trips every year in our trailer. Love it!
Enjoy yours!


Here it is, you guys ! Love it! I think it’s a rather unusual color for a burst, and from what I gather a very unusual color for a GS Mini.

I had the tech look it over really well and he played it and said he’d be really happy with it if he were me. So I’m pretty happy!


Looks lovely Stacy, that dark bust is similar to the PRS parlour I got this Christmas. Enjoy. :sunglasses:

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Ooo that’s really unusual and very cool! Stacy is a lucky girl :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Happy NGD Stacy. What a beautiful guitar and yes, very unusual. Always nice to have something a bit different. I’m sure you’ll have many years of pleasure from it.

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The GS mini is one of the best parlor sized guitars on the market, probably the best in the price range (Wee Lowden’s are incredible but so expensive it’s unrealistic in most cases). It’s a little guitar with a full sound. When I bought my first Taylor for fingerstyle (414ce custom), they had the promo they frequently do where you can add a specific type of gs-mini for like $199 extra. I jumped on that and got a gs-mini mahogany. It’s become one of my favorite guitars and prob the one I use the most. It’s just incredibly convenient. It also goes almost everywhere with me, the backpack case fits right in the back of the car with plenty of room to spare. In the house, I keep it right within reach where I spend most of my time. Enjoy your purchase and new guitar!

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Thanks! I’ve seen or read only good things about it, so I’m really happy with the choice of that model.

I’ve seen a lot of people say they got the promo deal. It was actually still going on at GC until just a couple of days ago, I think, but I had no idea about it, and I wasn’t on the market for a larger Taylor anyway, so I wouldn’t have bought two on the promo special. However it did cross my mind after the fact that I could’ve bought both, and attempted to sell the larger one to recoup the money, leaving me with the smokin’ deal on the GS Mini. No wait- the Carbon Burst wasn’t part of the promo. But the mahogany was, and the mahogany was gorgeous!

But anyway, yeah so far I’ve been really satisfied with how comfortable it is.

I actually prefer the slightly warmer, more rounded response/sound profile of the mahogany. It has better low end response, etc etc…: it makes it very versatile for fingerpicking and strumming. I almost bought a second Koa GS-Mini or Koa GS-Mini plus, but the sound was redundant to the 414ce (that classic “Taylor” sound that’s bright and sparkly for fingerstyle). I love the 414ce, but where the mini was concerned, I typically get new guitars to add dif tone/sound options. All the gs-mini’s are great though. I’m thinking next year I may spring for a wee Lowden if I can find a mint condition, well broken in one for a (relatively) decent price. They have a great unique sound. I have the Lowden hand made GL-10 electric, which is def my nicest electric. Seriously can’t go wrong with the gs-mini series though. I dropped a Fishman powertap rare earth sound hole pup and body sensor in the mahogany to play around with more percussive playing. It now sounds phenomenal plugged straight in (I put all my other acoustic electrics through an LRbaggs Voiceprint DI which is magic - not needed with the mini/powertap) - but it killed its in room sound/projection. I’ve been watching marketplace hoping to snag another mahogany or similar warmer gs-mini for a great price :crossed_fingers:… how do you like your mini so far? Also normally not a fan of the burst (esp on electric), but it looks great on the Taylors for some reason. The 414ce custom/special edition I have is burst and it’s beautiful.

I didn’t compare the sound between the GS Minis they had, but I did compare the burst GS Mini to a Martin parlor sized guitar. The Martin was a rounder, duller sound and I preferred the bright articulate sound of the GS. I went in thinking I’d get a Martin but obviously ultimately changed my mind. You’ve got a lot more insight to tone woods and sound than me! I’m still somewhat having to fall back on an whether an instrument’s looks appeal to me, and to a lesser degree, the sound.

I am really liking it. It certainly is more appealing to pick up and play just based on physical size compared to my dreadnought that was getting to feel prohibitive to practice on. It’s rather loud for its size, which is exactly what I read is what others seem to experience as well. The low end isn’t too bad. It doesn’t boom quite like my dreadnought but its got a great range regardless. Its got a satin neck, which is always nice, and the ebony fretboard is generally regarded as one of the smoothest materials, and while I don’t have much experience to compare to, for just playing a handful of chords, it feels pretty nice. The short scale is fantastic for me, and the smaller body is exactly what I needed. I tend to like the matte finishes on acoustics. I’ve got two now with a matte or satin finish. I don’t know how that affects tone but I really like it visually. I hope it holds up to scratches well because it doesn’t have a pickguard. I obv will try not to get too wild with strumming but I’m sure over time, it’ll get the odd strum mark on it.

Yes I also don’t love bursts in general and this one wasn’t the first instrument I tried out that day. I agree, there is something about this one with this burst coloration that is really cool looking and it just works. I love the look of it.

ohhhhhhhhh, that is sooo pretty. Love it.

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Thank you!

Sooooo I do have to say the strings on this bad boy are killing me. 13s! I’m about two seconds from going to 11s and trying my first truss rod adjustment.

13s !?!

The mini is short-scale, so they use a little heavier string gauge to compensate.

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