Your Beautiful Cover

Hey guys so i kinda redid this one because there was a cuss word in it lol. I replaced it with flying instead of yeah… Hope you guys enjoy! I can relate to this song alot. Thanks CPY for messaging me and letting me know. Admins feel free to remove my other post if it wasnt already and sorry about that! ♪♫ James Blunt - You're Beautiful (:Acoustic Cover:) (:Taylor Guitar:) - YouTube


That’s a good cover of the James Blunt song, Byron. Well done!

Hey Willsie01!!! Thanks man!!! Appreciate the listen!!! :slight_smile: Glad you liked it!

You’re playing so well Bytron. This was a treat to listen to. Thankyou.

That was good Bytron, you did well on this one. Not an easy one to sing especially the head voice but you managed to pull it off :slight_smile: all the best.

Sounding good Byron, love the 2nd guitar. I hear your timing off in a few places, and I think your cover would be too notch if you sorted that out. Do you play along with the original at all? I always find that helps me.

Good job on the song, Bytron.

On the subject of cuss words in songs, generally speaking no issue with that. My suggestion would be to mention that there is some bad language in the recording so people who may not fancy that can opt not to listen, rather than being taken by surprise. It is treated differently to how we expect people to behave when posting Topics and Replies.

I suppose there could be songs that cross the line and become too extreme, gratuitous in language and subject matter. I’ll just hope I don’t get called out to make a call on something like that but don’t recall anybody ever posting such a song here.

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Hey Byron, nice cover buddy - really enjoyed your take on it!
I think the addition of the lead part to the strumming really makes the difference, like it :+1::+1::+1:

Nicely done Byron. As with Losing My Religion, a few signs of hesitancy in the vocal phrasing forced your fingers to hold place or change in odd places so your timing and bar lengths became erratic. If those are deliberate and you are choosing to alter the original for your own interpretation then that is all good. Your facial expression however suggests you know that a small flub just happened. It is just about listening intently to the original, singing and playing to the original and aiming for that consistent tempo. Or, learn it to such an extent that you can consciously switch it around and flex it at will.
I can’t help but hear this song without thinking of this James Blunt cover of his own song. It also gives a really good close up of those stuck 3&4 chords.

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@Bytron08 As I said yesterday, I really enjoyed this. I particularly enjoyed the lead section because it gave the cover a bit more flavour.
The only thing you’re lacking is a little bit of confidence sometimes, you should believe in yourself because you can play and you can sing very well.
You’re doing brilliantly and I look forward to more!

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Wow David i just noticed your a mod now!!! Congrats man!!! :slight_smile: Way cool.

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Some of it is intentional but some is not lol. Yeah i need to work on that. I dont play songs very long until i record and post them so thats probably something to do with it. That video was nice! Nice close ups, ill have to watch it again.

Thanks CYPGMB!! Yeah your right, thats probably what got me booted from American Idol lol. :smiley: I rush through recording my songs though and only learn/record them in within a hour.

I did a little before i recorded this but some parts threw me off some lol. So i just winged it for the most part.

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I’m a slight perfectionist so I would never spend hardly any time practising a cover nor would I just wing it! I guess that makes it all the more impressive though :smiley:
You should have gone all the way on American Idol!

Lol I made it through 3 auditions and got Keith Urban to sign one of my guitars but it wore off from me playing it. But i was a nervous wreck the whole time which probably had something to do with it to plus i changed my song up last minute which I regret haha. I probably would have made it to Hollywood if it wasnt for all that though. I mean I like playing music as a hobby and I dont really wanna make a job out of it anyways cus thats alot of work and then it wouldnt be a hobby no more and then i would get tired of it probably lol. Thanks CP thats a big compliment!!

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Hi Byron,
I enjoyed listening to it :sunglasses:, and always good to see a video ‘in’ (?) a video…there will come a time when I will understand that too, apply it …i think, maybe…sometime in the futere :blush:

Thanks Roger! Glad you liked it!!

@Bytron08 , that was another lovely cover. You say you don’t spend long learning before recording? Well, you know what, I’d really like to see you take a song, give it that Byron touch, practice it until it’s ingrained, and then perform it.

Thanks socio! Lol yeah I know right!! The reason why I record them so fast is because I don’t really have the time to sit down and fully learn a song in and out. I would like to one day sit down and just listen to a song and have it engraved in my head until I get tired of it. Though I agree!! Maybe one day!! Thanks for listening!!