You've Got to Hide Your Love Away - The Beatles

Something about playing this on a Gibson J45 is so awesome.

I play the little bass run on the G to C chord in the chorus. They do something similar on the record. I think it sounds pretty cool. Check it out @CYPGMB!

Recorded this on my good camera and used the shotgun mic. Came out better than the ones I recorded on the phone last week. So I’ll probably continue tweaking this setup more and more.

You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away

Also how do you embed the video so the video can play in the post? Sorry I suck at the internet!


That was awesome, Joi.

Agreed, the bass line and the riff in the chorus added. Watching your fingers move from chord to chord, the embellishments, it’s all such a treat.

The recording sounded good, tone and balance, and looked good.

To embed the video just copy and paste the video URL on it’s own new line in the editor. If you paste it in as part of a line then it is added as a link.

Look forward to your next.

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Really nice share Joi.
Smooth 6/8 strumming and some good embellishments added, nice on the vocals and overall recording too.

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Well done Joe. I really enjoyed your version of this classic. Lovely embellishments and vocal.

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Well done & nice embellishments all around :slight_smile: Really enjoying all those Beatles posts lately!

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Careful now, Joe- you don’t want to end up ‘bigger than the Beatles’ :rofl:
Superb all-round production.
If the only tiny nit I can find is a visible electric socket in the background, you know you’ve hit gold :sunglasses:
Keep 'em coming.

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Well that was jolly nice !! Not 'arf, some great embellishments through out. Added to my watch later list on YT so I can slow things down and see what you are doing. Given its “just” a phone recording, sound quality was really good and crystal clear, as was the balance between vox and guitar.

A pleasure to listen to Joe, looking forward to more from you ! :sunglasses:

Yes that was indeed pure pleasure to listen to, quite a lot of cool embolishments and tricky changes but you managed to pull it off real good! All the best.

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Wow, that was really good! The individual picking in between the strumming and the consistent motion, good singing! Loved it! Keep it up Joe :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Much simpler than what I tried before with the embed codes. Thank you!

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I’ll remove the outlet in post next time. Put a Beatles album cover in its place.


I may have that bass run written out somewhere in a music folder. I’ll see if I can find it and upload.


The White One would look cool against the grey background :wink::+1:

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@Thejoechoi wow! Sounding absolutely awesome, my friend. Nice one for taking up the challenge too :wink:
Definitely prefer your way of playing the chorus and I’ll try to incorporate it myself in future play throughs of this classic.
Keep up the great work!


Excellent stuff Joe.

Watching your fretting had is just fascinating. Some pretty cool working going on there.

What a great performance.

You are one cool dude Joe. The music flows from you in a seamless way, compact and yet expansive. I love your colour palette and staging. :star2:

Fantastic job, Joe: well played, well sung.

I can’t really offer any suggestions on your playing or singing, other than keep doing what you’re doing! I know this is a Beatles song, but your rendition gave me some Neil Young-ish vibes. Maybe it’s your vocal. In any case, that’s not a bad thing!

Have you thought about adding some foot-drive percussion to your performances? There’s those bell or tambourine things you can attach to your foot, or maybe a foot kick drum or one of those percussive stomp boxes. Something like that could take an already good performance and elevate it even more.

Saw an up-thread comment about contrast against the background for the video. I thought something similar: you should wear a bright color against the dark background and make the video pop! Not that it matters at all for the song. Just a thought.