1 year on & finally saying Hi from Alaska!

Older learner here, playing on a free acoustic guitar. Found JG and felt right at home from the beginning & have begun grade 3. I liked the structured lessons so have floundered a bit at this point so started lessons with an approved teacher. I bought an electric guitar after 6 months and have begun bass guitar lessons, again with a “found” instrument. lol I knew nothing about guitars so have really learned a lot in many areas. My background is a lifetime of church choir singing and high school clarinet so have lots of experience with music. That really helps!

I’ve watched most of the community OMs & read a lot of posts, which I appreciate since I live in a small town with not much going on. I’ve attended quite a few of the new club sessions which I really enjoy. I’ve made my goals for the year, yay! me.

I play with a string group at the local senior center (guitar, mandolin, uke & vocal) but I would like to do more. My most exciting thing coming up is a concert in Austin when I travel to visit relatives- I’m going to see Joe Satriani & Steve Vai in May! I wouldn’t have known who they were last year at this time. :wink: Maybe my guitar teachers know who they are but no-one else in my life does. But I’m very excited!!

So that’s my story and glad to meet all of you.


Hi! Welcome to JG, sounds like you are cracking on with stuff, that JS and SV gig sound awesome!

Welcome to the forum

Hi CeeAy thanks for the intro and welcome to the Community. Sounds like you are making good progress !


Welcome to the community, CeeAy! :slight_smile:

Wish you loads of fun on your guitar journey.

Cheers - Lisa

Hi and welcome to the community! You’ll be in good company here. My daughter currently plays clarinet at school. Your string group sounds fun- I used to play ukulele.

Enjoy your guitar journey!

HI CeeAy, welcome to the community. It sounds like you are already having fun on your guitar journey.

Hi Ca ,
welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:
and a healthy way to pass the time here … don’t overdo it here with reading (like some :roll_eyes:) … and so above all play a lot of guitar :smiley:

:wave: , welcome to the group.


Hi CA,
nice to meet you! I’m an older learner myself, and I also used to live in a rather rural area for some time in my life. So I’m wishing you lots of fun on your guitar journey and here in the forum!


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Hello CeeAy :smiley:

A very warm welcome to the forum! Nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face:

You really have a broad and interesting musical background! I guess that helps a lot when learning another instrument.

Have lots of fun and success on your musical journey - and enjoy this great concert in Austin next May :guitar:

Greetings from the other side of the world (Germany)
Gunhild :lady_beetle:

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Hi CA, welcome. Good you have found a lot of fun playing guitar. Keep having fun.

Welcome CeeAy to the Community. I practically live here when I’m not practicing. It is a great place to hang out for us rural folk.

Hi CeeAy & welcome aboard!!!
Here’s hoping you have loads of fun learning & playing!!!


HI! Nice to meet you!

Nobody in your life knows who these people are? You need this forum more than you know. :wink: