10 Basic Jazz Chords

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Is it bad to use thumb to fret the root note when starting to learn this? I’m naturally doing this on alot of these, but I am worrying if it will cause issues in the long run.

It depends on how formal you want t get I think. I have the ‘Al Di Meola guide to Chords, Scales and Arpeggios’. His recommended fingerings for learning and practicing chords never involve the thumb. But then I’m pretty sure some Jazz players do do it, particularly if you are moving a walking bass line around. There’s probably no right or wrong. Maybe try both ways! And get out of the comfort zone a little.

sir , i have been on it for a couple of days, but the g string is just not happening. (minor 7th root 5)
normally i would curve my barre finger as taught by Justin in the beginner course, but the curve or even flatenning the finger is not helping it.
any tips??