10 days off from playing over Xmas

In the past year the longest gap between practices I took was 2 days…this year we went on a family trip and I just resumed playing after a 10 day break.

My fingers hurt again!
My fingers don’t remember where to go!
My head doesn’t remember pieces that I was really confident I knew!

Crazy how fast it goes.


The pain will go away and the memory will return. :guitar:

This year my longest period without playing was around 2-3 weeks - from a song I had ready to record I was basically starting from scratch :grinning: we have all been there!

… and you know what James? There will be times when you pick up your guitar, play something you haven’t played for a while and it’s a smooth as silk.

It’s like riding a bike really, get on that saddle and pedal some!

I was in the same boat last Summer and started a thread about travel guitar recommendations. I still haven’t bought one. Maybe it’s time to start a thread on this new site.

Here it is.
Travel guitar - any recommendations?

You may need to pump the tires up first though ! :sunglasses:

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