10 Life-Changing Hacks

This is NOT a guitar lesson, but it might improve your life in many ways! These hacks certainly changed my life, and I hope they improve yours too. Watch it here.


Good stuff, thanks for getting out of your comfort zone!

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About those cold showers… Well, I’m kinda sceptical, if I may :slight_smile:
I know, this might work for people who has steady 22 degrees every morning when waking up, can walk to the shower without any robes etc…
But, for me – I live in 100+ old country side house. Here in Latvia last week we had -19 degree outside (it was really nice), now there is thaw and air is freaking moist, coldness gets thourgh every pores, and if I heated all my four wood stoves well last night, in the morning it’s gonna be around 16 degrees - the room temperature. To get out of the bed is quite a challenge – no need for cold shower, I get it either way :slight_smile:
But, if I want to take a shower, then the air is so freaking cold, that I prefer to have some warmth, just for a change :smiley:
But for example, after hockey practices – I can’t stand hot shower. If I use hot shower, then when dressing up, I start to sweat again. Therefore, I prefer, not ice cold, but medium, closer to cold shower. This gives some second boost, for sure.


All a bit knit your own yoghurt :slight_smile:

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Thanks Justin. It was good to hear your thoughts, and much good advice there. Stoicism has much to commend it, but I can’t help wanting to steer you towards the Gospels. I believe you would find there much wisdom that would transform your life yet further. I think Sam Harris would benefit from them too but that’s another story lol.

Merry Christmas and thanks again for all the great guitar teaching and all round top blokeishness!


For me the most important life hack thus far was learning the guitar! I started at 65 and am now 70. I don’t think enough recognition is given to the advantages of learning an instrument later in life.

We hear a great deal about mindfulness and mobility and making the most of using one’s time in retirement. For me my daily guitar practice (about 1 Hour) has become a routine and a life ritual. Multitasking on many levels has many advantages later in life and is very rewarding. It has also opened up a whole new world of music and interest in every aspect of guitarist and guitars.

I would thoroughly recommend it for you up and coming retirees. Who knows Justin might lend a hand.

Cheers Deaconblue.


Hi Justin

Thanks .
I think the one I would add is be curious and question everything and look for answer.(real
One , not the earth is flat.)

Otherwise I just started fitness this month at 61, as a scream from my body after 30 years without and 4 years doing nothing .Consequently I have slowed down
My beginner course G2 as I am hitting some tech walls I can’t fix myself ( like string force on strumming, precision of chords etc )

Have all a nice Holliday season !

Hey Justin. I have been working off and on to many of your hacks. Just learned of Huberman from a friend. I have already started for 2023. I am reading the Daily Stoic and am determined to focus on the lessons in the book as well as Marcus Aurelius’s meditations. Working to put it all together this coming year. Thank you for the video, it is very helpful to learn of your experiences so thank you for sharing. Looking forward to a great 2023!

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Hey Justin, I bow in your general direction I am a long term ‘dabbler’ with your lessons and really appreciated your life hacks. I would like to throw another into the mix - Qigong - I’m kind of biased because I teach it, but if you want to roll the meditation, martial arts, mobility and mental focus all into one time efficient ball, give this a try. No commercial plug here because I don’t charge for my online classes but on my website I have a bunch of classes for beginners to try. I’d be honoured if you would try a class and tell me what you think also Justin- www.graceqigong.com.au and head to online classes.
Here’s to getting more of what we all want in 2023 and thank you for your long term generosity and skill.


Thanks! Did my wife ask you to post this today? Salve for a downward spiral of a day. I’d been missing your “read” and such at the end of your monthly newsletter, so this a great end of year add. I’ll give the showers a try before practice as a catalyst for learning. One more easy habit that Huberman professes is 10-15 minutes of outside sunrise time to reset your circadian rhythms for good sleep. And we know how important rhythm is! Best to you and yours and all who come here to learn music through the guitar.

Excellent ! Thanks Justin for some very good ideas on how to improve our mental and physical health. It is important not to compare ourselves to other people . Be kind to yourself and others. Every great guitarist was a beginner. No one can make you inferior without your consent. As Bruce Lee Said As you think, so shall you become ! Never give up and keep playing that guitar.


Is this the first Justin Guitar video without the blue-and-tan checked blanket? I miss it!

Thanks Justin.

Some great suggestions here many of which I’ve toyed with in the past - but reintroducing them here is a great reminder of the value of committing to those of them that resonate with where you are at in life. I’ll be checking out Donald Robertson today to begin with and going back to the cold showers (summer in Australia has to be a good time to start!)

Thanks for your inspiring guitar videos - and this equally valuable post to inspire others on their life journey.

Best for 2023


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Where in Latvia? My brother and his wife have a small cottage somewhere near Ventspils. I went there once. They will brave it next winter! He has also started playing guitar and it will be perfect over there when he can’t even leave the house. But maybe less so for his wife and their cats…

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I posted this on YouTube but I’m sharing it here as well. I particularly want to suggest that Justin look into Feldenkrais or Alexander Technique for a lesson in body placement when playing.

I do most of the other stuff – I might substitute horseback riding for Ju jitsu – but I’m almost as “old” as Justin!

I love this video. Because it’s more important to enjoying learning guitar than we imagine. My thoughts, doing some of the things you do and wishing I could physically handle Brazilian Ju Jitsu:

-Listening to music, walking, dishwashing, playing an instrument can all be the object of meditation. But you need a little experience first.

I also use Waking Up. It’s the only app designed around having a better experience in life, not being better at your job, or achieving more, or any goal, its only focus is being present. Which is why you can use it doing any activity. And Sam knows first hand what he’s talking about. He’s been meditating since he was a kid. There’s a ten minute program on his app, you don’t have to do more. Also, if you can’t afford it, Sam will give it to you for free. No strings attached. All you have to do is write and ask.

-Feldenkrais or Alexander for guitar players is epic. I hope you check it out and do a video on how to find and maintain position playing guitar using one of these methods. It’s about allowing your body to move correctly, not forcing it.

-Don’t lie. Not even “white” lies. You don’t have to share any uncensored thought, but telling the truth can take enormous stress off your shoulders and make you a better communicator. It’s also a time saver. Trying to keep untruths straight can be a nightmare. I don’t even think they’re kind to anyone.

-I suspect the dog walking thing doesn’t work if you’re on your phone.

-Why is the word “old” something to apologize for? It would be good if we could use it as a complement. Hey, I can dream!

Thanks again, Justin. I’ve been a student of yours for 12 years. I so support your work.

Huberman is a fantastic source for information. He’s a professor of neuroscience at Stanford and does a weekly podcast delving into different free hacks based on medical facts you can use to improve your life.


Thanks Justin, great vid and superb timing! :sunglasses::+1:I for one will be adopting the cold showers along with delving into stoicism and meditation, all of which I have considered in the past, but now’s the time to begin (no time like the present eh?! :wink::sweat_smile:).
Huberman’s podcasts are awesome too, definitely recommend them to anyone interested in that sort of thing.
Thanks again and have a fabulous time over the holiday season! :metal:

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Great video Justin and well needed. I used to do a lot of those hacks and they really do make a difference. Maybe this might jumpstart me to getting back to them, been procrastinating for quite a while now :frowning: thanks for the post.

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Cold showers? To each his own, I guess. I did cold showers at times when I was in the Army. They were better than nothing when you were living in a field environment, but I never felt like I benefited in any way.

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Hi Justin - yup cold showers (love them) , good food, plenty of sleep, a solid routine whether be for practise, exercise or whatever, clear view of where you are and where you’re going and steps required to get there. Totally agree about learning Music theory for the brain - especially Jazz theory. The book selection is also good but would like to add Epictetus enchiridion and a more modern book which I found really life changing - “beyond success and failure” - its about being self reliance. Plus - stay away from the news! limit social media and concentrate on what’s important - yourself and your loved ones.

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