12 Bar Chord Sequence Variations

This lesson covers the main variations on the chord sequence. Makes transcribing lots easier if you know what the most common forms are!!

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Are there tabs for this? He mentioned posting the music in the video but I haven’t come across anything. Thanks.

Welcome to the forum Matt the backing track and chord chart are right below the video on the website.

Thanks, I jumped over from youtube and didn’t see them.

Hi! At 9:48, why Justin goes three frets below and not two? And it seems i understand he says “E” but the key is a B, no? I am french, so perhaps i misunderstood what he said :slight_smile:
Thank you for your help!

Welcome to the forum Thibault

At 9:48 Justin is playing a D power chord Root on the A string then going down to an E power chord Root on the open E string to F power chord to F# power chord ending on the G dower chord
At the 9:00 minute mark he says “you can do it from a 5th string root” that’s where he changes to the D chord

Hi stitch. Thank you very much!

Hi. Can anyone help me out with one of the variations Justin lists, but doesnt include in the video?

He says;

“V to IV 1st inversion (commonly used in bar 10 is V chord in 1st inversion, which makes the bass go up a tone from the IV chord. Very cool, I love the sound of this)”

Is there a typo in there? It seems to contradict first saying V to VI 1st inversion then saying it’s the V chord that is in 1st inversion.

Any help and preferably a TAB of those couple bars would be awesome!

Thank you!

I don’t know the answer, but just thinking out loud…

If we’re in D, then we are playing A → G in bars 9 → 10. If you play the 1st inversion of G, that would be the notes B-D-G, which you can play 755xxx. This would raise the bass note a tone in going from the V to the IV. This would fit Justin’s description, if you rewrote it like this:

I have no idea, though, if that’s what @JustinGuitar had in mind.

Thanks jjw1 that makes perfect sense!

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