12 Fret acoustics

What are peoples thoughts on 12 fret guitars? Pros and cons if any?

Depends on the guitar manufacture. Martin and the many copies elongate the body to the 12 fret making the body longer. Gibson and Gibson style guitars move the bridge and sound hole on the body giving the guitar a different sound. I prefer the Gibson method for both sound and looks. But like every guitar you need to play them and deside for yourself.

Pros They sound great.
Cons You only have 12 frets to the body so not lead guitar friendly and the Martin version are ugly.

Any thoughts on a Taylor?

I’m not a fan of Taylor Guitars. I have a friend who has 2, an all mahogany and a 800 series. I actually like his mahogany Taylor, played it for about an hour on Saturday. Don’t like the 8xx at all. This is just my personal opinion.Those you like them love them.

I should also add to the 12 fret comment. 12 fret guitars come with both 25 1/2 and 24 3/4 scale length. Some people think 12 fret guitars are shorter scale to make them 12 fret, but that’s not true. The neck seems shorter because the neck joins the body at the 12th fret but the scale length is the same as 14 fret guitars.