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Hi, I’m pretty new to all things 12-string.I’ve got a Faith Neptune 12-string and the high D string has just broken on me. They were decent strings (Elixir) and haven’t been on long. I’ve never had a problem with my Faith 6-string which I’ve had for years.
Wondering if it was my choice of gauge (11 high)?
Any advice around string choice or anything else would be appreciated
Frank :+1:

Do you know the gauges recommended by the manufacturer? Higher gauges may require adjustment of the nut.

Unless it’s a manufacturing fault in the string, nuts and saddles that are too sharp or do not let the string move freely when tuning may lead to quicker string wear or a sudden break.

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I know that Faith ship with 12’s, so I actually went down a gauge - done that with my 6-string with no issues so I’m wondering if a 12-string is less forgiving . . .

I get a lot of breakages with the high G string. TBH, I’ve just taken to keeping a lot of spares around. It’s not ideal, but it’s good enough for now (I don’t play the 12-string a huge amount).

I don’t think using a lighter gauge would in itself lead to strings breaking. I’ve used these sets (all of them 10-47) before and never did any of the strings break:

D’Addario XSAPB1047-12

Martin Authentic Lifespan 2.0 92/8 Phosphor Bronze

Martin Authentic SP 92/8 Phosphor Bronze

Though I have my 12 string tuned a semitone lower than standard tuning and put a capo to the 1st fret if needed, so there’s less tension on the strings.

I’d say if it’s about only 1 string breaking, chances are that the cause of the problem is somewhere where the string makes contact with the nut and/or the saddle.

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Check where it broke for any rough or sharp spots otherwise just replace it and carry on

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Hi Frank, welcome to somewhat rarified world of 12-string. You must have a Faith Venus.
I hope I can add to the good advice you’ve already been given.

All the times I’ve ended up with an 11-string guitar have been mostly due to the high G string breaking. I’ve broken a B or two, but never the high D.

Where string choice is concerned, best to go with 10s (extra light) or even 9s. 10-46 or 10-48 are typical gauges of extra light 12-string sets.
Some strings sets are stiffer than others. For example, I find Martin strings rather stiff, and in my experience, are more prone to breaking. Not that Martin strings aren’t excellent, because they sing.
I’ve found that DR Rare Bronze and GHS Vintage Bronze are lower tension, and therefore easier on the fingers and less prone to breaking.
It pays to experiment with strings from various makers to find what you prefer. If you’ve settled on Elixirs, their 12-string sets are 10-47, so basically ideal gauge.

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Sorry, not been on the forum in ages, thanks for the advice. Restrung with Elixirs but will give one of your suggestions a whirl next time around :+1: