16 note strumming - Grade 2 - any help on pick grip & manipulation for 16th strumming?

Hi there

Loving the 16 note strumming. I am getting the rythym / patterns nicely BUT because I am holding my (thin) plectrum more loosely than usual I find after a couple of bars it starts to slip around.

I have watched J’s clip on plectrum manipulation but still struggling.

Any hints / help appreciated

Hi Gordon,
You can try a pick with more grip… there are many variations… that will help immediately, and then change it every now and then or stick to it :smile:… otherwise just practice a lot and even more and…well more :roll_eyes:. …I also find it a difficult thing :blush:
Greetings ,Rogier

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I use these picks because they have a better grip: https://a.co/d/brBywh0

You can get these from 0.46mm to 1.14mm thick.

My pick still spins around in my fingers from time to time, but 3.5 years of practicing has slowly made the problem go away.

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Dunlop Max Grips and similar to those Fender picks.


Having said that went back to using tortex mid last year and experimenting with .6 to 1s

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Well @GordonMont , Like @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @Fast-Eddie has mentioned get picks that have a texture to them. The problem I find with those picks is sometimes when the plectrum moves around in your hand. It inevitably will, one of the strings tends to catch on the textured part and ring a string out wayyy more than it should! A quick fix, as you go along without loosing rhythm is what ya gotta do. Not an easy task and will certainly just take practice. Get use to handling the pick between your fingers, like literally playing with it, turning it around in a complete circle, back and forth. Helped me. I still fiddle with a pick in my hand from time to time. The rest will just come with practice. Hold the pick as light as you can without dropping it. Don’t put too much pressure you will only put yourself in a tension kind of area that will lead you to jerky, inconsistent strumming and potentially bad form. You need to be relaxed, but still have enough pressure to hold that plectrum mostly in place. Even the greats have to adjust and grab another pick from time to time!!

Hope this helps.
Rock on!

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Funny you mention this. The Edge (of U2 fame) uses textured picks and does this ON PURPOSE to get that bright, jangly tone on some songs. “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” is one example.

Well now. Isn"t that interesting!! It was simply an obsevatiin a made while strumming. Never even thought about that. Very interesting. Hmmmmm.

Rock on!


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I just started using these and so far so good!

Fender Classic Celluloid Guitar Picks 355 Shape, Tortoise Shell, Medium, 12-Pack https://a.co/d/ik8HdlM

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My go-to pick is a Dunlop standard .73 I find the massive logo gives plenty of grip (plus my local music shop stocks them). That said, on the strength of this post and the comments on it, I’ve decided to give Tortex and Max Grip picks a whirl, so I’ve just ordered a Dunlop variety pack, that has both, as well as some others

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Hi there

Good morning from sunny Greece.

Reading replies while having my morning coffee and before “practice”:blush:

Thanks for all the input very helpful. I do have a selection of picks and 1st job is to see if i have any with the “ grip” should’ve thought of that. 2nd continue with manipulating the pick even when not playing.

and as i think i already knew - the solution - practice makes ………

well we all know the answer to that one :rofl:

Thanks guys

Yep…Practice makes permanent! :smiley:

Hello Gordon,

I had (and to some extend have) the same issue. I found for me the problem causing the slipping was using too much of the plectrum. Focusing on using as little pick as possible really helped me. Also my teacher gave me a training pick which really helped me:

It is supposed to help you with single note picking, but it also helps you get a feel for the right distance in general.


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Thanks Nick

Another thing to try.

I revisited J’s pick manipulation video.

I am sure it will get better - all part of the fun