19 Things (again) (original/collab)

Hi Brian
Yesterday I listened to it with my girl and she could actually remember version 1 :flushed:, but also thought the addition of the images was a 100% upgrade :sunglasses:…so now it`s done :smile:
Greetings we :sunflower:

Apologies for the bulk reply/acknowledgement.
I read each and every comment carefully and appreciate the support and encouragement more than you’ll ever know
Thank you


:heart: :heart: :heart:


@brianlarsen I can’t believe that you are not pictured in the “mosaic of fame” at the top of the community forum page. Maybe it’s a beauty contest? LOL

EDIT: Your originality and musicality is off the charts.

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Absolutely! High time this ‘mosaic’ was updated. I recognise maybe half a dozen of the faces. Who are all the others? Are they even Justin students now? :smiley:

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Haha, I am as vain a person as anyone, and my face did fall when I scanned the page and couldn’t see myself in lights :rofl:
I am aware I hog more than my share of the ‘limelight’ when it comes to the community and have ‘crowbarred’ myself onto our Leader’s radar on multiple occasions :laughing:
And thank you muchly for the edit :wink:

@sairfingers Now updating the mosaic would seem like a huge waste of time and resources…
This last weekend has just reinforced how much joy and fulfilment Justinguitar has brought to my life. I’m in a great space at the moment :smiley:

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Well my good friend, what a delight to here this again, with the visuals. You have lived an eventful live and long may it continue, certainly an emotional roller coaster. The playing has come along very nicely indeed and with your dulcet tones, makes this more magical than the first time you shared it.
Thank you.


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Merci mon ami!
Much appreciated :smiley:

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