19 Things (again) (original/collab)

Guilty, Your Honour :laughing:
It’ s fine line between the above and simply sharing personal stuff :thinking:
Older members may remember this song I wrote a couple of years ago after the death of a close friend.
I sat down and wrote out a list of amazing things I had experienced. I then wondered what it would sound like read out over a simple guitar arpeggio. Chris kindly added some strings to the second half for a little variation.
I broke my cardinal rule of not creating videos with visualisations depicting the lyrics, but rules were made to be broken :laughing:
Most of the pics are from actual events but some are lifted from the net, as I didn’t have an underwater or space camera

I’m working on twenty and upwards now… :sunglasses:


Fantastic (life so far) Brian!!

Nothing sentimental about (re)visiting memories.

They’re what we make to keep us company whenever we feel alone. . .even if we happen to be surrounded by people.

Looking forward to continuing installments. . . 25 is a nice milestone to reach, don’t you think??

Keep enjoying the ride!!

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Awesome again!

A happy second listen, Brian, with the enjoyable visuals!

Hey Brian your finger style is really coming on! Liked it, again I marvel at your creativity, loved it and the visuals are amazing!

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+1. Well done!

Wunderful storytelling, singing and playing. Legitimately without a pick I may add :smile:

Magical Brian. And I mean it. Had quite an emotional affect on me for some reason.

Of all the songs you’ve written, this is my favourite Brian, always has been. I love it even more with the visuals added and I cried even more than I did last time. I love the human-ness of it. Mawkish is a descriptor that doesn’t fit at all.

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You always hit the nerve (as we say), Brian :sunflower:. Isn’t it what makes the big difference: good songs are touching us inside, thanks for taking us with you on this sentimental journey :tulip:!

Hi Brian,
I remember most of the photos and of course the song, but now it has a completely different vibe and the goosebumps are even more clearly visible :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :man_bowing: :sunflower:…I just listened to a song by Mike that really blew my mind…but this touches my heart …again… different strings but you can now feel silence here…lucky I know true love…and fortunately I can enjoy the happiness of others very well :sunglasses: so nice to see this
Enjoy the afterglow of your weekend ,Greetings …

I remember this one from the first time around Brian. Wow, you’ve done some exciting things and been to a lot of interesting places.
The nearest I’ve come to any of your adventures (apart from seeing my children born) is taking my caravan to a campsite outside Paris and then visiting the Eiffel Tower on foot. Not quite as daring a photo opportunity!
Well done, that was fun. I look forward to the next 19. :grinning:

Wow! That was beautiful Brian. You have a way of making my eyes leak :sunflower:

You’ve done some amazing things too!
And you touched the hand of Nick Cave! I got to second in line standing at the stage but that’s about as close…
I need to get out more

That’s a grand life trip to take us on in three and a half minutes Brian!! Call it mawkish, whatever, it’s made me smile :slight_smile:
Always good to reflect on those amazing things we’ve individually done, it’s all too easy to overlook.
:clap: :heartbeat:

Fine work Brian. Love the story telling

You’ve done a lot of fun and interesting things in your life - and made a song about it! Sky dive, swimming/scuba diving with the corals - and sharks - at night!, the skiing adventures…all amazing.

I’m sad I either missed or simply forgotten :dotted_line_face: your first post on this. I looked for it but couldn’t find it.

What is your plan for number 20?

Anyway, you did a great job on this. I loved your Fingerstyle and mood of the song. Chris added to it nicely too. I loved it.

That was lovely, Brian! :clap:

Thanks for taking us with you on the journey of your (great) live (so far), looking forward to the things to come in 20+. :wink:
It was quite touching and moving, but in a very good way. Love it all in all. :smiley:

By far youre best Brian… i have heard it before, but it is much stronger with the slideshow i think. Its a great song… it just drags me in to youre story… witch could have been a book in its own rights.

That was just beautiful Brian. A really amazing insight into your life’s journey and how wonderful to put that journey into music.

Hey Brian,
Not sure why you had the rule in the first place, but glad you broke it as I think the video added to your production in a powerful way.

Boy, you get around! Sounds like my daughter, jumping out of planes and doing other such thrill seeking adventures that made me older than I need be… :roll_eyes:

I recall you doing this prior, but can’t really recall how it played out. This time around worked for me and it was good to see this from you!

Keep up the vibe and be well!