2 questions about strings on an acoustic guitar

Taks have pinless Bridges

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Thnx a lot. That some dang good videos. Actually better than those I found, and they were certainly not bad!. Here some extra nice details. Thnx a lot. Really appreciate!! :heart: :pray:

yup, the bridge is without pins. I drag the wire through a hole and the end nut get stuck in a kind of guided hole. Sorry, english second language and not totally into the terms yet.

D’oh! My bad.

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Probably not but a lot of acoustics (most smaller martins etc) are only rated for 12s etc and you could potentially void the warranty

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Please don’t be hard on yourself. Pinned or not, I still get what you say and you have been a good help. :heart: :pray:
BTW. I have around 1,5mm at 3rd fret.
I actually think its pretty darn good already.
As you suggested, I might head for around 2mm on fret 12.
I will work it out for sure. I have no worries anymore.
With all the help I have got so far in this thread, I am very confident I will work it out.
I’m really thankful for your help and inputs.
Not sure how to put others input in here, but I will check with the shop if this guitar is suited for 13 strings or not, warranty and all that jazz. At least now I know what to be aware of. So thnx a lot for that pretty important detail also. :heart: :pray:

Doesnt seem to mention anything about not fitting thicker strings.

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Action is measured at the 12th fret and average would be considered 2.5 mm low E and 2.0 mm high e.

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This dude is as nerdy as I am :wink: Very interesting to read through the comments on the video also. - Watched other videos also. I do have a better understanding now. 13 - 56 will be the max I use after this searching around and maybe going back to 12 - 54 on this guitar. - But if the guitar is not sturdy enough, I will find one that can take those 13 - 56 strings, because I just luv that sound they give. The Takemine I have is only a 300 USD guitar, so its not the end of life if it breaks or I decide to get a new and give this away. - As a beginner, it is a very interesting journey and I find it very useful to have come about these issues this early on. - There is no doubt that this will help me a lot during the rest of my guitar journey. Thnx a lot every one who have contributed. I end this thread with this nerdy dude… I think he is cool :slight_smile:


Note its not about the price of a guitar.

As I said a lot of the martins are only rated up to 12s because they are made light and thin, its harder to maker a light and thin guitar but it sounds better and louder. But it cant cope with the higher tension etc.

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Hi Kim. Nice to meet you!
I personally use 13 - 56 becoz it provides a few small dB increase in volume as my luthier put the guitar action as low as possible. I am always wrong, so in my mind thicker strings are not really harder to press, the actual factor that decide it is actually your guitar action being high
For you reference, the only guitar I own is Taylor 614CE, which has monstrous thick neck lol

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Cool :blush: :sunglasses:
And you are totally right. I have just sanded the saddle little down and I hardly have to press the strings to get a clean tone now. There is even still room for slight improvement.
Thnx for your comment :heart: :pray:

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The never ending quest for tone usually starts a bit later in the guitar journey than beginner. Beware my friend that you could be embarking on a rather expensive preoccupation that will never be fulfilled. How do I know?..

Don’t listen to Rory, the next guitar /amp/pedal is bound to be the last you need. For sure.

Thus spoke the owner of Andertons/Thomann etc.

For me it have nothing to do with the never ending quest for tone. - At least not for now.

  1. Thinner strings simply give more pling pling sound. That is not my taste and have never been. It was like the guitar was missing something. Not everything was there.

  2. Already in this thread we can see, that there is a tendency, that acoustic guitars have got thinner strings over time.

  3. When going to a shop as a beginner, I more or less got forced / lured into the thinner strings. All around me is stuck with the same way of thinking. ----- Ok, you are a beginner. Go get a plastic guitar. That how you should start. — Oh, you want to start with acoustic. Then for sure you want the thin strings. ------- So as a beginner, do I really have a choice??? I can choose between a plastic guitar or steel with pling pling sound. That is what I get presented.

  4. It is not only the dude in the shop. It’s also every one around me. Pressure. Hardly anyone dare to speak up against a majority. Only through my own investigation did I come across some with different view on things. - It was like… Yo bro…don’t listen to them. Let me explain. Thinner strings can make things more easy for the fingers. But actually might not, because we can setup your guitar very nicely. Thinner strings are in general more easy, says a majority, but they never talk about the different sound the different gauges give. ----------- Now with the help from this awesome community, I also have learned that a guitar might be build specific for a certain gauge / string size and could even ruin the guitar if to thick strings.

  5. When looking at these pros, some even blindfolded trying to guess how expensive the guitar is. It become obvious, that price and brand is really nothing to strive for in itself. This classical dude I saw, playing blindfolded and had to guess what of two guitar was most expensive. - One time this pro dude was so wrong and said a 300 USD Yamaha would be the most expensive. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: — That just shows how much sound really matters.

There are many causes and conditions in this, that give these different results. -

Like one old dude who swear to 13 - 56 strings. - “It is just a matter getting used to it, like everything else. No big deal.” :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:

So in the space of 21 hours we’ve gone from this

To this.


yeah. Some people also swear to the thinner strings. They love the more trebly sound. Same.
Some quickly discover and decide. For some it comes further in their journey. We are all different. We should all respect the choices and findings others make. I have as deep respect for those who swear to thinner strings as those who swear to thicker strings. I just say, I was not well guided as a beginner, especially when going to a shop. They should actually have explained me there. But not many use this anymore. It’s more about handing over as many products as possible.

I think you may be again a little misguided here. its not a tiny difference in string thickness that has the major impact.

That’s ok. We all make mistakes and we all have different perception and sometimes mistaken perception. No big deal. Just have fun and enjoy :heart: :pray: