20th Anniversary Logo

Noticed Justin Guitar new 20th Anniversary logo on the log in page for the website this morning but it’s not on the website and neither is the regular logo. The link is still there if you hover your mouse over the spot where the logo should be. If they are still working on uploading it to every page disregard this post.

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Just confirming I have the same issue at my end. Like Rick said, the logo is in its usual spot and the link is working, but it’s a white logo with transparency, so it’s looks as if there’s no image at all on a white background.

You can see the logo a bit better when zoomed in:

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why is this a problem? :thinking: :laughing::laughing:. anyway, the 20th logo shows on every page here. not that it matters

All good now!

Cool new logo !

Fixed! Thanks for letting us know!!!

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