2nd recording - playing along with Sam Fender

My number one well only fan listening to Sam fender only my 2nd upload currently going through grade 2 recording quality not the best


True, difficult to comment anything, since the original track is that dominant and you are sitting somewhere in the background of this video :slightly_smiling_face: You must have been playing just fine though, otherwise your dog would surely have been fleeing :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah she’s my biggest critic lol
It’s tough setting up to record didn’t realise how loud the track was coming over till I played it back

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Sounded good Jason, was just about able to pick out your guitar tone :slight_smile:
Nicely clean changes in there and steady rhythm , well done!

thanks I’ll try a different set up next time to try improve the recording trial and error atm lol

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Don’t worry about it Jason, it didn’t detract at all from the recording but as you say a little faffing needed over time.

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@JaseMac Sounding good, Jason, and good job on the foot tapping.

Recording quality was fine. If anything, I’d suggest try get the camera up a little closer and into landscape mode. Helps people to see as well as hear which can be useful sometimes to offer feedback on posture etc.

Keep on keeping on.


Nicely done Jason. Nice strumming and chord changes, even the foot is tapping.

You’ll get there with the recording as well. That is another learning curve.


I moved this out of the beginner safe space as you had previously posted stand alone recordings in AVOYP