3.5 months first cover video

Almost at the end of grade 2, progress has slowed to a crawl now. Mostly working on barre chords. Never got round to posting a video for end of grade 1 so here goes, I’ve been singing about as long as I’ve been playing so excuse that if it’s bad


Hi Alex,
Congratulations on your first video :partying_face: :sunglasses:, that’s a big step, and man, for the time you’re working on guitar and singing, it’s going absolutely perfect :sunglasses: :clap:, keep it up and ,

Welcome here to the community and I wish you a lot of fun,

Greetings ,Rogier

Your doing GREAT Alex!

It took me years to get where your at.
Your progress is excellent.
Your recording skills are very good too.
Keep at it man. Yer gonna be a rock star in no time… :wink:

Thanks for the share.

Thanks for feedback much appreciated. Didn’t really have any concept of if my progress was on track. I used to do some rap music so recording is at least something I already know :laughing:

Nice job! And congrats on the first video!

Nicely done, sounded good Alex. Keep on keeping on

Congrats on your first video. I think it’s really well done for 3.5 months.

I agree, that is excellent progress for 3.5m, I was nowhere near that level. :smiley:
Welcome to the community and congratulations on your first video.

Just came across your thread but the video has been removed ok.


I think the video expired, I can’t work out how to upload directly to the forum :worried:

You can’t, you can link a YouTube channel but not a video directly.


Ok here’s another that I did along with the original I posted. This is the song that I bought a guitar for. I’m singing a bit flat at the end of the verses but at least I know😅


I shall be released

Hi, Alex. Hallelujah - a great song. I really liked the sound of your guitar on that one, and thought your vocal was good. But I would have liked to hear the level on your vocal up a bit.
I Shall be Released - Guitar strumming was steady and vocal sounded good. Maybe guitar level could come down a bit.
Overall a really nice performance on both. Keep at it!

Many thanks for the feedback!

Couldn’t see the first vid but the other two were great. Very nice work Alex - welcome to the AVOYP world!