£32 Acoustic Guitar vs my $7500 Froggy

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This is exactly the kind of guitar I played for years when I started learning guitar from Justin :rofl: Got a Mini Jumbo as a gift from my uncle after that, but unfortunately got stolen =(

And I have given up on guitar shortly after. Would say Hatsune Miku is the motivation I make music again. Bought a few hundred bucks guitar and started a YouTube channel.

Right now, after 9 or 10 years of guitar playing, finally I can afford a proper guitar - a second hand 19 years old Taylor 614CE. Can’t wait to make fabulous music and pave a new guitar journey!

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Hi everyone! Wish you have a great day =)

It was an amazing journey with guitar(s). From the first nameless guitar I’ve ever played, to Froggy Bottom. Was introduced by local saleswoman and I think I am going to afford one next year :rofl:

Have plan of moving to UK this year so I wonder if I could get a good Froggy deal there? Thanks!