£32 Acoustic Guitar vs my $7500 Froggy

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This is exactly the kind of guitar I played for years when I started learning guitar from Justin :rofl: Got a Mini Jumbo as a gift from my uncle after that, but unfortunately got stolen =(

And I have given up on guitar shortly after. Would say Hatsune Miku is the motivation I make music again. Bought a few hundred bucks guitar and started a YouTube channel.

Right now, after 9 or 10 years of guitar playing, finally I can afford a proper guitar - a second hand 19 years old Taylor 614CE. Can’t wait to make fabulous music and pave a new guitar journey!

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Hi everyone! Wish you have a great day =)

It was an amazing journey with guitar(s). From the first nameless guitar I’ve ever played, to Froggy Bottom. Was introduced by local saleswoman and I think I am going to afford one next year :rofl:

Have plan of moving to UK this year so I wonder if I could get a good Froggy deal there? Thanks!

Did this guitar ever get the luthier treatment like the cheap electric did, and if so, how did it end up sounding? Would be interesting to see the setup video for that as well.