3D AI Generated GFX

Testing and AI gfx generator, I asked for a 3D female cartoon like character playing a Guitar…

It generated this…

This is also AI Generated :astonished:


Hi Rachel,
Well, that guitar gave me hope, that doesn’t look like anything at all,… :smile:
But the 2nd one is just so beautiful that I find it scary…
I am not happy with the latest developments in this area, the advantages will not outweigh the disadvantages in any proportions…viewed from a human perspectiv…,but viewed from other angles, let say “the earth” well it could soon benefit from this “progress”.

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I agree, the first was a request for a cartoon, thats what it gave but the second, I specified,

Demure, backlit glow , readhead female in library, realistic. Well… I dont know what to say really, if AI can do this now.


Yeah, they’re great fun aren’t they? I’ve been playing around with them for quite a while; one of my favourites I’ve done is Ginger, she’s pretty!

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There are certain applications where AI can provide real value. I don’t think art is the one, it is just a manipulation of various/specific people styles. Not to mention threat to artist jobs. Nick Cave is also not impressed by some of AI applications.

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As an artist myself, a little part of me dies inside every time I see things like this. For me it isn’t “progress” at all, it’s just another excuse for people not to bother to learn any actual skills or develop any talents. On top of that, it gives a reason for people to question the talents of genuine artists who upload their work, particularly those who use digital formats. And of course, it makes art far less viable as a source of income when anyone can create this stuff in two minutes flat with zero effort.

I find it very, very sad that modern society feels the need to keep destroying creativity in this manner, in the name of making everything instant, easy and mindless for everyone.

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yes, I agree, Its taken me a year to learn to sculpt 3D characters and I’m only just breaking the tip of the Iceberg. I created this last year.


Spent a week on this one, concept was from J.Scott Campbell’s Tinkerbell
3D sculpt in Zbrush

This on however I took a month in ZBrush



Art is in a way (even commissioned) a form of self expression, as it is song writing, taking pictures and other forms of creativity. It comes from life experiences, suffering, relations with others and many other contributing factors. AI is not human, it is made by humans and as such deprived of any genuine feelings (we might get into philosophical discussion about machines self-awareness and actual chances of obtaining such in the future).

Illustration was my hobby for some time, never produced any significant profit but it was a joyful process nonetheless.

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Very true, always enjoyable, even when your not that good, fun trying.


Nice work Rachel. :+1:t2: I only dabbled with 3D modelling briefly over ten years ago, but when I did I also looked to a space theme.

I generally stick to 2D now, both digital and real mediums. That said I’m also messing with clay modelling/sculpting, but that will never likely be my main focus.

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ChatGPT is generating quite a bit of interest, it’s an AI chat bot.


I asked ChatGPT: Are artificial intelligence generated images still considered to be art?

It responded: The question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) generated images are considered to be art is a topic of ongoing debate. Some argue that AI-generated images can be considered art because they are created using algorithms and techniques that are similar to those used by human artists. Others argue that AI-generated images are not truly art because they are not created by human hands or minds. Ultimately, whether or not AI-generated images are considered to be art may depend on the context in which they are created and viewed.

As a software developer I’ve long used google and sites like stack overflow to answer questions I have on how to code a certain requirement.

Lately I’ve taken to using ChatGPT and it’s answers are often far better than stack overflow.

What’s interesting to me about it is the promises of AI have been long coming, what’s often referred to as the “AI winter”, yet AI images and in particular ChatGPT are noticable breakthroughs, many are saying ChatGPT will have a significant disruptive effect on many industries.

How do you consider ChatGPT to be a breakthrough exactly? I’ve never used it and never will, but your example appears to be little more than a very generic answer. It’s basically a summary of the discussions you would have found by typing the same question into Google. If a program that can summarise Google results is considered AI, then I’d say there is a very, very long way to go before it has any genuine use.

Breakthroughs in what way though? Is it really a breakthrough when an “AI” essentially puts skilled human beings out of business? When it makes things so easy that humans don’t have to bother learning anything useful for themselves? When it makes decisions on behalf of humans so that they can continue shuffling through their lives like mindless zombies?

Just because something can be done, it doesn’t mean it should be done. What tech-heads and big business call breakthroughs, I call the undermining of the human race.

The example I posted, as you said, was a particularly generic answer.

It’s causing concern in education circles with some commentators saying it’s the end of university education in 5 years, which I consider to be hyperbole.

I asked ChatGPT to: Write an essay about gaming for senior citizens

The answer it gave was much more detailed than the generic one on AI. Give it a try, I believe you’ll find it a lot better than google. My understanding is google have raised a ‘red flag’ over the threat ChatGPT poses to google’s existence.

I do consider such things are a breakthrough. Many have been trying to accomplish such for years.

Indeed. That’s a much different question and certainly will generate a lot of debate.

I’ve read some of Ray Kurzweil’s writings on the future of artificial intelligence and it’s certainly an interesting challenge for the human race. He talks about the merging of biological intelligence with artificial intelligence and refers to it as super intelligence.

Perhaps super intelligence can solve some of the difficult challenges of our human race. Perhaps it will be the end of the human race. Regardless of whether it should be done or not, it’s being done.

I started in 2d and real mediums, but I grew up in the explosion of early tech. I love the things that you can do now with software and hardware , art wise. I still have pencil n paper though. :slight_smile:

Yeah had a play with one of the ai image generators, they are ok , we’ll see big improvements over the next bunch of years.

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Thats for sure, some nice images in there. :slight_smile:

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Eh kinda, they generally steal content from actual artists and images, you have very little control really over the results

I produce my own(images) which are far more personal…

Absolutely. :slight_smile:

Rob, beautiful images. For some of the background elements like the mountains, fog, trees, shimmering effects etc, does the software help to generate those? Or are the digital tools mainly a stylus, with simulations of “traditional” tools like a pencil, brush, marker etc…

Those are all AI, I just input descriptive text