5 Blues Licks from Pattern 2

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is there a way to just play the licks to hear what they sound like. i saw that someone had the licks from pattern 1 on the site with a play button next to them i was just wondering if they did it for these as well?

Hi @gristam
I presume you are referring to this topic I created to help people develop their blues lead play: First Steps in Blues Improvisation using Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1

I only did it with the five licks from pattern 1 as that topic focuses entirely on encouraging people to use pattern 1 until it feels good.

Cheers :slight_smile: RIchard

Thanks for the lesson! Should we still play licks 1,2 and 4 as straight 8th notes against the shuffle rhythm backing track or play them in a triplet/shuffle feel?

I am interested in the answer to this question, too.

When demonstrating the licks, Justin generally plays them straight, but when I play them over a backing track that is in a shuffle rhythm, it seems like the rhythm of the lick should also be in shuffle, which is how I try to play it. The licks are generally harder to play this way, though.

it wasnt that one seems like you did the sound for practice exercises, i couldve sworn i was able to hear just the licks on the lesson called ā€œ5 blues licks from pattern 1ā€ i went back and looked and didnt see it anymore, idk maybe iā€™m mistaken but i couldve swore i saw it before

Is this the one?