Strings wearing out practicing blues licks and bends. Should I but singles as spares?

I broke a string for the first time while practicing the 5 Blues Licks from Pattern 1. After replacing the strings (from Fender Bullets to Regular Slinky) and moving on to practicing the 5 Blues Licks from Pattern 2, it looks like the first 2 strings are already worn down at the frets used for bends. Should I buy single strings to replace the 1st & 2nd strings while working on bending, or should I buy a whole different set of strings that are more resilient?

Some oddity in the site - this just came to the top of my ‘latest topics’ list in October, yet it was posted in June? This may be why it wasn’t answered.

@syungbluth, If you are seeing wear on strings, then that seems like something to look into. I replace my strings about every 10-12 weeks. I rotate between three guitars and play 60-120 minutes a day. I have never noticed string wear. I do see a little wear in frets, but this is after 2+. years.

If you are seeing string wear, then look at your frets. They should have a polished surface. If they are rough, this could be wearing strings. You can also make sure to keep fingers and fretboard clean. I live in an area with gritty dust in the air that can accumulate on a dirty fretboard.

It is reasonable to polish frets. I use a very fine sandpaper, about 8000 grit, around a small hard foam block. I tape over the wood with painter’s tape to protect it. You are not trying to take off fret material, just get a clean polish on them. It generally doesn’t take more than dozen passes with the sandpaper per fret.


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