52 year old dog, new trick

Yet another old dog here. I have had a couple of good instructors over the years. Unfortunately I was not a good student so I never really learned to play. My goal is to learn a few Springsteen and Beatles songs. I followed Justin’s YouTube posts but decided to go for it and subscribe to the lessons and put effort into learning. Really enjoying it. I like going back to the basics rather than fumbling through a song above my current skill.

Also-as a sign that I made the right choice, I just saw that Justin trains in Jiu Jitsu. I have trained for 9 years and am a purple belt. Justin, if you read this and for some reason find yourself in Baltimore maryland, you are welcome to come train .


Welcome to the Community, Mike. You are in a good place to learn to play. And you’ll soon be learning some Springsteen and Beatles tunes, perhaps not the one’s you dream of playing, but you’ll get there if you follow the path.

What did you mean by ‘subscribe to the lessons’?

Another purple belt BJJ that’s also a guitar noob chiming in! And just like in BJJ, it’s all about drilling and practicing what you learn. Good luck, brother!

Welcome Mike, age doesn’t matter, just follow Justins course and you will be playing along with the Beatles etc.

Welcome Mike, I’m quite new here myself. Just a few years older and live a few miles up the road in Middletown, Delaware. I am enjoying my time with Justin’s lessons, can play more than I ever imagined, but probably never as well as I hoped. I do know whenever I stray too far from Justins’ path I get lost and regret it and have to find my way back.

Welcome to the community Mike.
You have come to the right place for friendly help, encouragement and support.

HI Mike. I am an old dog too and admire anyone who has the inspiration to never give up. Justin has a lesson of Born in The USA. If you use a CAPO it is really achievable. Wishing you the best of luck and welcome.

Hello Mike and welcome. :slight_smile:

You say you only want to learn a few Springsteen and Beatles songs but just wait until you get in to it, there will be all sorts of tunes popping into your head that you will want to learn. :smiley: