6 Month New Guitar Purchase

My newest purchase at my 6-month mark over the weekend. Felt it was time to make it happen!


Is this the same Josh who was talking about quitting a few weeks back ? :rofl:
Now you’ve got no excuse for not sticking with it.
Happy NGD looks a cracker !



Yeah, I may still just stick to acoustic and say screw power chords and palm muting because that stuff makes 0 sense still after a month of practice on it haha, but acoustically I am starting to pick it up!

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I don’t play power chords ever, and I don’t miss them in the type of music I like to play. And that includes on my electric.


Looks like a Taylor x12 series. Is it a 212, 312, 412 or something else?

Congratulations. Taylor makes some nice geetars

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I’m wondering if it’s an Academy 12, maybe detecting the armrest in the shadows.

Either way it’s very nice, my Academy 10 convinced me that my future playing will be acoustic

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Beautiful guitar there Josh, congrats and happy NGD! Hope you have much fun playing it, having an acoustic to hand opens up a wealth of opportunity. Hope you can share some tunes with it soon. :+1:

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This is a very nice looking guitar, and I bet it sounds awesome. Congratulations to your half year anniversary as well! :smiley::+1:

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Sweet! That will make playing fun! Enjoy the acoustic, I love my acoustic and stopped playing electric 2 years ago (out of my 3 years playing guitar so far…)

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You are both pretty much right. It is the Academy 12E. I have been borrowing my friends 114CE and we went to Guitar Center together on Saturday and this was the best offering they had and he checked it out to and suggested I go with it even over some of the more expensive guitars I have been looking at.

Already comes with a lower action, so where I was struggling with the F chord it is coming pretty easy now. I will just have to put a bit heavier gauge strings than what come with it in a few months, but as of now I am really enjoying it.

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I have been memorizing a few and got some under my belt. May break out some more popular tunes once I get used to the new guitar.

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Thank you very much! :smiley:

I have some tunes I definitely want to try out on the electric in the future, but as of now most things I have learned translate better to the acoustic and those were always my go to, so it is making sense to get a nicer one at this point in the journey.

Happy NGD, Josh. I hope you have many years of fun together.

Nice to have someone to go along to the store with you and help you pick.

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Congrats, Josh. Nice guitar :slightly_smiling_face: I’m really glad that you didn’t give up on guitar and decided to get an own acoustic with better playability :slightly_smiling_face:

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You can’t go wrong with a Taylor.
When I picked up an Academy 10 I realized playing an acoustic does not need to be painful.
Here’s to a long and happy relationship with your guitar!

Don’t be in a big hurry to put heavier gage strings on it.

Happy NGD Josh, Taylor’s are lovely to play it’s a very handsome guitar.

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Cool guitar Josh!
That’s some serious inspiration there for sure.
Congrats on you new guitar. What a beauty!

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That low E-String twangs way too much for my liking, need some strings with a heavier pull on them so it doesn’t make the twangy sound. Got to get the medium gauge I bought for it on pretty soon.