6-string banjo/gitjo

Hey, folks. When I started to think about taking the guitar up again, I first really thought about trying to learn banjo. However, at my age (55) I didn’t feel like learning an entirely new instrument and so I took up guitar lessons again. I’ve thought a lot about investing in a 6-string banjo, which has the same strings and fretting as a guitar, but sounds like a banjo. That way, I could play the banjo without learning a whole new instrument. Have any of you ever played one or do any of you own one? I’ve watched a video or two on YouTube, but haven’t moved much beyond that. Any thoughts or comments are appreciated. :grin:

I have a friend who has one and he hardly ever plays it or brings it to jams. I have played it and it’s just like playing a guitar but that’s not what makes a Banjo a Banjo. What makes a Banjo is how it’s played. Claw Hammer picking is very hard to master and even harder on a 6 string. A 5 string banjo is tuned to open G which is only 3 notes G, D, G, B, D. So not as hard to learn as you’d think.
The other option if you like Mountain style banjo is to learn Claw hammer on Guitar.

Molly Tuttle is one of the best and has lesson on you tube if this is something your interested in

But if you just want to strum it like a guitar them the 6 string would be fine. But be warned a lot of people don’t like the Banjo they can be loud and over powering if not played properly.


Very interesting video, thanks for sharing it. So is this clawhammer technique basically fingerstyle with slaps (as in slap bass)?

Like every style of playing there are different techniques but like the name suggests it fingers(claw) and Hammer. You can get a similar sound using Crosspicking with out the slap. I’m no good at either style but do appreciate some you is

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I can’t remember where I’ve seen it but there’s a way that you can get your guitar sound like a banjo by putting a balloon in the sound hole, it has to be blown up just enjoy so as it doesn’t touch the strings but does block off the sound hole.
Not tried it but it’s supposed to work!
However I found one that seems to be better using a flannel piece of cloth.

Thanks a million, stitch